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Florence IsaacsMy Deepest Sympathies...Florence Isaacs is a freelance journalist and author whose books include My Deepest Sympathies..., When the Man You Love Is Ill, and Just a Note to Say...The Perfect Words for Every Occasion. In the two blogs she writes for LegacyConnect, Florence shares her expertise in condolence writing, funeral etiquette, coping with the death of a spouse, and more.


  • Widow in the World In her new monthly blog, Florence – a widow herself offers advice to bereaved spouses and partners.  


  • Sincere Condolences Florence shares tips on writing thoughtful sympathy notes and answering questions about condolence and eulogy writing, funeral etiquette and more.


If you have a question for Florence, please email her at fisaacs@florenceisaacs.com.


Coping with Loss and Grief:

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Sympathy & Condolence:

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Comment by Susy Della Casa-Mills on August 14, 2015 at 2:05pm

I am trying to find one on one grief counseling for my mother who lives in Gilbert Arizona.  She is not comfortable with groups and I can't find the number for Legacy.  Can anyone help?

Comment by Aida (Lil Joe's mom) on March 8, 2013 at 11:12am

Hi.my question is :is it appropriate to show pics of my son's funeral day?My fam member was kind enough to send me some pics and somehow I felt happy because I couldn't remember that day.Now I want to share with my friends and fam. is it ok to do that?

Comment by supersong on April 5, 2012 at 4:18am
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Comment by River of Tears on February 27, 2011 at 6:43am

If only to remember a few simple yet so important things . This time is a time to share a time to come together to connect yes with one another but also to connect with how your loved one ,your friend touched your life . The blessing we all were given to have though it seems time takes them all to soon . 

 One could always start with the do nots , but rather this time I would like to start with what I or any Family may at least hope for at this time:

              Words of , how they touched their life , the joy the love even the fun they had with them .  The kind gestures the remember even the smile that my Sister had to give to everyone even if she was in so much pain .  Or how amazing that it was for both my Mom and Dad to raise so many yet still had so much love to give to everyone and be present in their live . These are things I at least for me I would have hoped were said .  Even the simple , that my Mom would pick a flower from a Field when someone was sick or visiting to put by their bedside , or that she worked so hard all her life not just at home but outside .  That my Father was this man the had the heart of generosity that was broken a million times by friends family yet he had this tremendous forgiving heart .  These are the words or conversations the families or at least I wished I had heard for it them made this time about them . 


Rather as I know lead into the please do not : 

Do not talk about money or how much is in the will , or who is going to get what . Or all the hurts and pains of yesterday that they only think they know of or just have not been able to move beyond .   Please do ask if there is anything that you can have from the house or what if anything is left can you have .  Or if one of the members of the family is in so much pain not even able to talk please do not take it personally and seems to have created this on going concersation that lives on to this day .   This time is not for you , it is for the loved one who has passed , a time that you come together to share in celebrating ones life not to tear it down or those around . 


Does it matter to me what someone wears , not really , for one who is dressed to the nines in the funeral garb that they have in plastic ready to go for all funerals and says things without love in their hearts .  I rather have everyone come in jeans and sandals that may know it is not what you look like in life it is how you live .   Just because our loved one is not here in the room with us anymore do not think now that they can not hear what you are saying .  

 This time is of choice , of what you do and say .  Let it be one of peace for all .





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