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Most of us know someone who has been terminally ill, and chances are we know someone – an acquaintance, friend, family member – who has received hospice services. Even so, many of us don't know… View »

Volunteering with Hospice

Volunteers often get involved with hospice in order to give back to their community and help terminally ill patients and their families during a challenging time. In return, many hospice volunteers d… View »

What to Expect – and Demand – from a Good Hospice

Based on interviews and surveys of family caregivers who have used hospice care, the American Hospice Foundation has developed a checklist to help those who want to know what to expect, and even dema… View »

Hospice: A Model of Patient- and Family-Centered Care

It's all about you now – or maybe it's about someone you love. Your medical treatments haven't been helping lately, you know you are getting sicker, and you sense that your time on earth is limited.… View »

What is Hospice?

Hospice is a set of services that we all may need someday – if not for ourselves, for our parents. While death is not an option for any of us, we do have choices about the services we use at the end… View »

Debunking the Myths of Hospice

To learn about hospice, it is useful to start with debunking the common myths that in themselves create barriers to hospice. Myth 1: Hospice is a place. Hospice care takes place wherever the need ex… View »

How to Write an Obituary

Writing an obituary or eulogy can be a daunting task. Some people feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of writing about the deceased. They worry that they’ll forget important facts and informa… View »

Fathers Remembered

Remembering Dear Old Dads remembers fathers – those who are no longer here and those who are grieving the death of a child. If your dad has died, or if you are a father who's lost a child,… View »

Remember Veterans Honors Veterans of the Armed Forces As we honor men and women who have served their country, we also remember the families left to grieve. Please join us in paying tribute to military vete… View »

Remembering Mothers Remembers Mom If you've lost your mother, or if you are a mother who's lost a child, May can be a difficult month. LegacyConnect has resources to help grieving mums and children cope on Mo… View »


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