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At 5:52pm on May 16, 2011, Warren Washington said…

Hello how are you? My name is Warren. I would like to express my condolences to you. I lost my dad in 2002 and that pain is unbearable for me. I felt physically sick to my stomach but I was able to find comfort in God's word the Bible.

Death is such a hard pill to swallow I know from personal experiences. I would like to share with you what I found out about the dead and what happens to us when we die and hope for our dead love ones.The dead are shown to be “conscious of nothing at all” and the death state to be one of complete inactivity. (Ec 9:5, 10; Ps 146:4) Those dying are described as going into “the dust of death” (Ps 22:15), becoming “impotent in death.” (Pr 2:18; Isa 26:14)


I'm hoping you this helps you find comfort in your lost as I have please feel free to ask any question you may have and I'll be more then happy to share with you what I know. Take care.


In both the Hebrew and the Greek Scriptures, death is likened to sleep, a fitting comparison not only because of the unconscious condition of the dead but also because of the hope of an awakening through the resurrection. (Ps 13:3; Joh 11:11-14) The resurrected Jesus is spoken of as “the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep in death.”—1Co 15:20, 21

At 8:56pm on May 7, 2011, Paula G, Jimmy's Mother said…
Happy Mother's Day, Lisa.  Love and prayers, Paula
At 4:57pm on March 18, 2011, valerie moore said…

dear lisa,   you really have just begun your grief journey.  9 months really isnt long.  i am 1yr   6 mos out on losing my only child , a son.  i think of him 24/7- we were very close.  i still have many days of not having 1 ounce of energy ,no motivation , nothing.   we can only take 1 minute, 1 hour and 1 day at a time.  this is a great group of loving, kind, and understanding people here because we have lost a child and nobody else could understand that.  i hope some of my input helps.  hugs,  valerie

At 6:17pm on March 17, 2011, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

I just read the posts below here and was very surprised to learn that this TSS is still around and taking lives.  I remember back in the day when girls were getting sick left and right but was under the impression that they had changed the product to make it safer.  

Your daughter is abosolutely beautiful.  What a sad shame to lose such a young vibrant person.  I am so sorry for your loss.

All us Mom's can hope for is that all our children are together, at peace, having a good time watching over all their loving families who miss them so.

I have to believe they are in a better place than here on earth but I truly wish it was me and not my son.  He is so needed by his girls.

My thoughts are with you today.

Susan    Donny's Mom

p.s.  Amy died on my birthday.... June 13.  Again, I am sorry for your loss

At 4:22pm on March 15, 2011, Terri - Autumn's Mom said…


I just read your story and it made me cry. How tragic. 

I knew a girl when I was in high school (26 years ago) who had TSS and recovered.  Since then I never heard of anyone else getting it.  It did stick with me though and made me diligent to take care of myself and to warn my daughter when she started her period. 

It is disgusting that big businesses can hide the facts about products that can kill consumers.

I think it's very courageous of you after losing your daughter, you're trying to educate others and actually already saved someone else.  I too will pass this message along (without names) and try to get the teenage girls I know to be aware of this.

Thank you so much for sharing.

At 3:04pm on March 15, 2011, JOYCE MASHER, 4 Amy 5158791808 said…

First, what AN ANGEL!!!! Like all our children, she is beautiful. do you anything on fb or a link to anything concerning this tragic way of passing with use of a product that is used by tons of woman, young and old. I am going to copy/paste your story to my email to send to my dinlaw, who has 2 girls, for her and them and hopefully her friends too. I wont use any names. This is so sad for anyone has gone thru this. These symptoms mimick other sickeness and I think that could be one reason it takes over.

My 21 yr old passed from a 15ft fall from a window with a BAC level of .298. Binge drinking or beer pong was involved. Doing shots, etc. It was from what I hear, not a party. Just something they do. Only she was 21. her so called friends were underage and I just found out they went drinking after being at her viewing or funeral. I am sickened that they have not learned a lesson. I am as I have said, mad at her too. It got out of hand, so I think it was something, that could have been prevented.

Just like your story, in a different way, get the word out. I know the schools, tv, etc and the laws talk about DIU, but not about in home parties unless there is underage drinking. The parents were not home and they knew of the drinking. I did not. I now see pics on fb,  mostly on  holidays, in someones kitchen. Those blue or red beer cups, i hate them when I see them. and there are beer pong web sites, and competition, what the ?????

I am not trying to compare or lesson our losses, please dont think that.

I am so sorry for yours and all of our losses. Lets hope they are all somewhere smiling down on us and in no pain or worries like we have on this earthly planet.

hugs and God bless all

At 12:19pm on March 15, 2011, Lisa Elifritz said…

TSS isn't as rare as the companies lead you to believe. It's back with vengeance and killing young women all over but it's being hidden. My 20 year old daughter died in June using Regular absorbency tampons, changing like clockwork never leaving them in over 6 hours and alternating with pads.

A friend of hers from the same school, in her class! had TSS just two months after she did!! She was 21. She read our warnings about flu symptoms and recognized it so early she removed the tampon and had her mom take her to the hospital and insisted to the Dr that it could be TSS. It saved her life. 

The truth is, the deadly toxins begin to multiply within 2 hours after inserting your first tampon. Regular, or Super! When you change a tampon after even just a few hours that toxin remains inside just waiting for you to put in a new tampon. It takes up right where it left off when it comes into contact with the viscose rayon in the tampon. The longer you continue to use tampons even while changing the more concentrated the toxin becomes, Once this toxin gets into your blood stream, (it can enter with only a couple of scuffed off cells from changing a tampon) it's 10,000 times more deadly than sepsis alone.


At 12:17pm on March 15, 2011, Lisa Elifritz said…

The reason you need to use a pad at night for at least 8 hours is, you remove that rayon filled tampon and the toxin takes that 8 hours to dissipate, (die off) then in the morning you can start the deadly process all over again. Providing your tampon isn't leaving fibers behind.....

A friend of ours just had TSS, was in a coma in ICU for 3 weeks and in the hospital another 2 weeks. She wasn't using a tampon, they only found a rayon fiber from the tampon she used the prior week. She just had surgery to remove the gangrene from her toes. She is 16.

If you are young (under 28) you most likely don't yet have the antibodies for the toxin of the staphylococcus aureus bacteria, you can easily contract TSS. The symptoms are only flu symptoms! This is all my daughter had! 103.2 temp, ibuprofen brought that down, vomiting and diarrhea. That's IT! She walked into a hospital Friday and died Sunday! 

If you do choose to use tampons, 100% cotton tampons are the only way to be safe. There has never been a case of TSS from the use of a 100% cotton tampon. These are not sold at Walmart, Target, Walgreen or in CVS stores. You have to order them online or go to a health food store. 

95% of women have the antibodies to fight TSS by the time they are 30 years old. Please don't take chances with your life. It isn't worth it!

At 2:44am on March 15, 2011, Tami said…
Thank you Lisa for the information, It is so seldom heard of now that I think they all think it doesnt happen anymore... I am so sorry.
At 12:32am on March 15, 2011, Jackie Jones said…
i am so sorry for your loss.  i will make sure and let others know that toxic shock syndrome is still a danger and that you die from this.  i think that you dont hear about it that often.  i know lots of teenage girsl so will spread the word to prevent this from happening to another girl.  . 
At 6:01pm on March 14, 2011, Lisa Elifritz said…

Amy was a healthy 20 year old, whose symptoms were initially very mild and did not cause any undue concern. On Wednesday afternoon prior to her death, she developed a fever and began vomiting. After an ibuprofen her temperature quickly returned to normal. She assumed a flu bug had run its course. Amy was able to chat on her computer and watch TV that night, she went to sleep easily.  

Thursday morning, Amy felt somewhat better; her vomiting had ended, but she had developed diarrhea. She drank orange juice and 7-up to stay hydrated.

Friday morning, Amy woke up very weak with a sore throat and sore muscles so her mother took her to Prompt Med as soon as it opened. Her blood pressure was low and her pulse rate high, so it was recommended that she go directly to the ER for hydration. When she arrived at the hospital, they immediately began fluids and did blood work only to discover her kidneys were at 25% function. Amy was admitted.

Saturday Amy’s condition had worsened. She had become septic and was moved to CCU where more aggressive treatment began. Within hours she developed fluid in her lungs, was sedated and put on a ventilator.

By Sunday morning, the stress on Amy’s body began to take its toll on her heart. She had two episodes throughout the day that required her heart to be shocked back into rhythm. A third heart episode proved to be more than her body could with stand. 


Amy died Sunday night June 13, 2010 10:55 PM


Amy was diagnosed with Tampon related Toxic Shock Syndrome. I must say that she used only regular absorbancy and changed them like clockwork. Amy was a hygiene freak but her diligence was not enough. Tampons took her life in an instant!

At 4:38pm on March 14, 2011, Tami said…

Dear Lisa, I am so sorry for your loss! This scares me so much because I have a daughter and a couple of nieces that still sleep with tampons in... because you dont hear about toxic shock any more they think its ok... please if you can, tell me your story. Again I am so sorry, she is absolutely beautiful.



At 3:23pm on March 14, 2011, JoAnn Brozowski said…

Dear Lisa - I lost my son Tyler, my only child, at age 24 on 01/26/10, so it has been a little over one year.  The entire first year was like nothing anyone could ever imagine - shock, numbness, disbelief, I always felt like I was in a parallel universe - the world went on around me, but I was somehow stuck behind a glass wall and out of touch with it all.  That has started to wear off, but I was just saying the other day that I care about NOTHING anymore.  I used to clean and garden, and I, too, am lucky to make a bed.  I manage to do laundry once a week with my husband's help.  I never actually cooked anything from the time I lost Tyler until sometime in April, and when I finally did it was like I had to think about every step before I could do it.  And I always loved to cook.  Your daughter is beautiful.  I will pray for you both.


At 2:45pm on March 14, 2011, Terri - Autumn's Mom said…


I'm sorry for the loss of your daughter.  She looks like such a happy person.

I lost my only daughter (I have three sons) on December 6, 2010 to Sepsis.  I'm a stay at home mom too and I have NO motivation.  Before Autumn died I was doing the WII fit and taking a room at a time and cleaning the heck out of them.  I'm lucky now to make a bed. 

I hope someone gives you an answer, because I feel exactly the same way.



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