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January 30, 2012.  I keep trying to write this but I can't.  The short of it so you know, we found our 20 year old son dead in his room, laying on his bed from an accidental overdose from a prescription fentanyl patch he had been on since August (and had problems with that no doctor had recognized as being the patch since ..no not august July sorry)  He had respitory failure from it once before in August just after being put on it.  He was on it due to a severe back injury he had been battlng from a football injury since his senior year of high school.  People want to blame him not the professionals who failed to recognize the symptoms or warn us of the dangers.  I've lost my son, they continue to make their millions and live their happy lives with their families and I'm suppose accept that.


Andy was a good loving young man always.  He would go out of his way to help anyone.  He was literally a genius and a strong athlete.  He participated in just about everything his school had to offer..class president,  Senior foorball capt, capt of several academics team, honors student, earned enough scholarships to pay nearly all of his way to an ivy league college where he was also recruited to play football until his injury ended that.  He was in love and planned on being married and wanted to have a family.  And after he  passed I was overwhelmed by all the people he had touched...from young kids to senior citizens.  I had no idea he had touched so many people in such memorable ways.

And to me...Andy and I went through a lot together.  His biological father was abusive.  For the early part of his life it was just him and me.  We were exceptionally close and I am "mom" to his friends as well.  He never gave me any real heartache.  What's more we could read each other.  We understood each other better than anyone else.  I honesly don't know how I will ever survive this and I don't feel anyone understands the extent of this loss to me.  All that constantly runs through my mind is I want my son back. 

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Posted on August 29, 2012 at 2:39am 3 Comments



Posted on July 31, 2012 at 10:47am 1 Comment

I'LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU I made this for my daughter...it's pictures of her and Andy over the years.




6 months and 1 day

Posted on July 31, 2012 at 9:59am 1 Comment

Well it's been 6 months and 1 day now since my Andy took his last breath in this world.  It's still incredibly hard.  There's rarely a day that goes by that I don't WANT to give up and be with him.


We are also still battling the life insurance company, even lawyers...the one we *thought was handling everything I guess decided he was too busy but was even too busy to let us know until my husband finally just went to his office.  Nice huh?  Espcially since much of this is time…


I'm a mom, a grieving mom...not a super hero!

Posted on May 11, 2012 at 3:00pm 2 Comments

I lost my oldest child and only son on January 30th.  Just over 3 short months ago.  This weekend I will face my first Mother's Day without either my son and my mom has been gone for some time now.  I feel so utterly alone!  I feel as if the rest of the world has moved on, forgotten about him and forgotten my pain.    When I express my pain I'm told that  I have to be strong because I still have a beautiful daughter and husband who need me.   This just makes me feel worse!  Now I feel guilty…


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At 9:53pm on November 15, 2012, Patricia Butler said…

Hi Lori, sorry to hear that you lost your son,even though my son went to Heaven on 11/18/11 I still miss him very much, He was my youngest and we shared a lot together. I do have an older son who I depend on. I was just looking at this person kathi Wright and this is what happened to my son, he died of a pain medication which the Doctors gave him. The same medication that your son died from, I also want my son back, but know the only way  is to meet him   someday in Heaven. Doctors get rich and we suffer with our loss. I will pray for your son and that you find peace in your life. Take care of your daughter and treasure her with all your heart.

At 11:53am on October 7, 2012, Kathi Wright said…

My son died at the age of 24. I am furious with the doctors because he had been complaining for MONTHS about not feeling well, weakness, chest pain (all of which I found out after he died were side effects of the medication they had him on).  He was at my Mom's house and was fine one second and dead the next.  He was healthy and the autopsy showed NO reason that he should have died.  The coroner said it was most likely a interaction between 2 meds (anitdepressants) that caused his heart to just stop.  Just like you I don't know how I am going to survive this.  It has been almost 18 months and I can't function.  I just want my son back and I want the doctors to admit that they screwed up and because they ignored my son's complaints he is dead.  But I know that will never happen.  I am glad that you are finally able to get a headstone for you son, that is important.  I had my son cremated and still have his ashes, I cannot bring myself to bury them.

At 4:37pm on October 6, 2012, Michelle Johnson said…

Thank you Lori and will be thinking of you!

At 9:08pm on June 12, 2012, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hi Lori wondering how you're doing how was you're fundraiser? Hope it went good! Well I'm just taking it one.day at a time been reading some books I'm keeping busy my granddaughter is here visiting for summer with work and.kid's my time is flying by well friend ill keep in.touch and hope.you.do to just still miss my.son so!Alicia Jesse's Mom. Hug to you
At 1:02pm on May 26, 2012, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hi Lori I'm praying you're fund raiser gose good! Keep in touch I'll be here praying for us all to make it one day at a time! Alicia JESSE'S MIM
At 7:48pm on May 24, 2012, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hi Lori I'm here with you.to and everyone on here it really don't get any.better I miss him more every day that passes and I.don't think it well get better we just have to.hang on friend! I'm. Going to see if I can.get.out and.Buy some books we'll keep in touch lv been praying for us all here I didn't before pray alot but it helps me a little anyway. Hope you're keeping busy I'm trying hugs to you Alicia Jesse's Mom
At 9:59pm on May 20, 2012, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hi.Lori just thinking of you and how you're doing I hope you're fine I'm just missing my Jesse how I.wish I could have a.visit or atleast a dream! But nothing! I just think about him and I get tears in my.eyes just can't help it I try keeping busy but at nights its really hard. Just can't without sleeping pills. Just got used to them 3years in July! I.hope you're doing good thinking of you Alicia Jesse's Mom
At 2:28pm on May 7, 2012, Lori Jones-Andy's mom said…

If anyone is interested Here is a link to my blog concerning the fund raising for my son's memorial scholarship and the bike ride I have coming up.  While I'm on the road that will likely be the only writing I do.  http://for-andy-with-love.blogspot.com/?view=classic

At 11:32am on April 28, 2012, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hi Lori thanks for you're word's they do help i do believe what u said about the radio turning on I've had other people tell me of things that have happened to them i haven't had any of those experience yet i pray that i well i did have a dream about him.one night i thought i saw him but i think it was a dream he was floating in air with my oldest son Jesses older brother that passed in 6/27/79 n my mom they were floating and they had wings and jesse says to me lm ok Mom .he looked sad then he smiled and they disappeared that's the only time its been like 3 years a couple of months after he passed how i pray to see him to know his good.i just miss him so.and for you just going on 3 month's well time really don't matter we still miss our children forever but there in our hearts thank you for bing here.we all need to vent sometimes it helps.and i really believe what you told me.like you say I'll just have to open my mind and soul and pray i get a sign from him.HUGsTO YOU.ALICIA Jesse's MOM
At 7:05pm on April 27, 2012, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hi lori thank you im just here missing my son how are you doing I've been trying to write you a message but it won't go through i hope you're fine we'll keep in touch hugs to you Alicia Jesse's Mom

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