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Shocked, Saddened and Speechless!

Dear Shari,

Having seen this blog by sheer accident, only just joining this today I cannot digest what I have just read! It shocks me into the surreal. My heart and soul are with you as I remember how much your whole life was devoted to Howie.

   We both remember him as a happy baby and the day he received his first firetruck. How he loved to play baseball and looked so proud in his uniform outfit. Howie was a gift from God. He was the the best and finest humored child that…


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Dealing with loss

Dealing with LOSS


Emotions & Feelings


Everyone will have to deal with loss sometime in their life.  Losing someone that you love or are close to, can create a lot of different emotions.  People often feel sad, scared, shocked, confused, worried and unprepared.  Others might be feeling guilty, angry, exhausted, empty, and/or cheated.  People’s emotions can change faster when dealing with a…


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I finally got my dream

My younger sister had dreams of my dad but I still hadn't. I was starting to get upset but then I realized that the only reason why I hadn't dreamt of my dad was that I was not ready. Until this month, I had a rough time during the holidays . New Years was hard , but I was trying to be strong for my mom. I talked to her about how I think that my dad would want us to look forward to a new year of beginnings and that didn't mean that we couldn't miss him. 2 days later I dreamt of my dad. I was at… Continue

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Missing my Tazz

I'm sitting here on my couch feeling so alone. It has been raining all day. My man Joe has been weighing very heavy on my mind today. Tazz was his nickname. He had a custom Harley called Tazz with a pic of the character on his bike. He also had a Road King that we used to love to take out for a ride. I'm grateful that we had a chance to go for a ride one week before he died. We took the Harley to his sons wedding reception. It was a little cold. I wrapped myself tight around him. He was a very… Continue

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Writing While Dying… Words of Advice from Moms Who Don’t Make It

During my siblings’ annual New Year’s Eve celebration in Bluffton, S.C. several years ago, my brother, Mike, pulled out a tattered, red spiral notebook he had discovered in a box. The distinctive handwriting was unmistakable – our mother’s script, written in a sort of back-slanted, left-handed style unlike any other. The pages were filled with her thoughts, life lessons and musings written about a year before she died at age 45.


My sister Wendy took the notebook…


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In Memory of my Brother 2011


January 12th, 2006

We little knew that morning that God was going to call your name. In

life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts

to lose you, you did not go alone; for part of us went with you the day

God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, your love is still

our guide, and though we…


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Loosing my daughter

Hi I'm Tina and I am new to the site. My daughter Sammi is terminal with Osteosacroma cancer which has spread to her bones and lungs. Sammi was in remmission 2.5 yrs when this beast came back this May. Sammi did extensive chemo to no avail, her tumors kept spreading. My beautiful 15 yrd old child is now on Hospice Care through Kaiser. I was told that I need to surrond myself with other people who are or have gone through the same thing.. All I want to know is why our babies. I sleep with her…


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Birthday Hugs to the Heavens above, My Bunzy!!!

Here we go again...another birthday down.  I cannot believe we have made our way through a second birthday day without you here.  The emptiness and loneliness do not seem to go away.  If I had one birthday wish for you it would be to have our wonderful life back so that we can finish living out our fairlytale and finally have our true forever.

I will love you ~Always and Forever~

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I thought I was getting better, but I am geting worse Handling my husband death.

Well My Legacy Family I thought I was getting Better, but now I know I am not.  Actually I am getting worse.  I don't sleep but a hour or two at a time and I barely eat.  Maybe a sandwwich here once a day and I am so angry about the way things were left. 







I try to put on a smile and say I am ok and doing ok, but thats a lie.  I asked my doctor for sosmething for my nerves cause I feel as though I am going to explode, but she says I…


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Losing my brother

Thankyou to those who have lost loved ones and shared their feelings. I thought I was going mad before I discovered this website - to read how other people feel when they have lost a sibling has enabled me to forgive myself for feeling the way I do. Since 19th Oct 2010, I have dreaded each day, cried, raged, been paralyzed and lethargic and felt guilty for not 'pulling my self together'. Few have understood the immense pain that has followed the death of my precious big…


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gone but not forgotten

I lost my fiance Feb. 26, 2008. The day befor I gave birth to our son. We were going to be getting married June 2009. I am still haveing a hard time with this every now and then. I am still finding myself going through crying spells, and my son who will be 3 in Feb looks at me, and comes running to give me a big hug. I try not to break down infront of him but sometimes I just cant hold back. Since his birth I have had Preston who is my son all the time so I never really got the time to grieve,… Continue

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Where Are You?

Has anybody wondered what happens after death. I am hindu so in my religion there is reincarnation and if you have paid & collected all the debts then you go to the final stage where there is no more life cycle processes anymore. Now my questions are:

If this is just one cycle and his soul has left this life. Would my being miserable and sad keep on pulling him back?

Am I doing the right thing by pulling him back instead of letting him move forward?

The relationship… Continue

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Lilyanna Tommi and her Grandpa


It is always such a relief when the holidays are over.  I really would love to ignore the holidays and skip the tree and the presents, but my kids would not appreciate that and it would not be fair to them so we have decided to have a tree that honors their dad.  We have basic lights and balls and the only real ornament is a remembrance ornament of Tom.  The…


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Christmas Tree

Just to let everyone know on this site...I did put up the Christmas tree for my grandson, it was very hard, but we did it...I pray that god gives me the strength & courage I need to heal....


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90ft Wave

I spent New Years Eve with my 3 grown sons and their families. Nothing flash, just sitting around the dinner table chatting, laughing and reminiscing. We saw the New Year in, standing in the frontyard, watching the fireworks around the neigbourhood. It was a good night, and on arriving home, I was thankful for making it through. But, the next 3 or 4 days that followed were exceptionly bad. I didn't feel it coming, it just hit me like a 90ft wave. I crashed, and I crashed heavily. I couldn't…


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My first child was born on March 26, 1989.  She was a beautiful 8 lb. 2 oz. 22 inch long baby girl.  We named her Autumn Marie.  Shortly after birth a lump was noticed on her lower back and she was diagnosed with having a tethered spinal cord.  At three months she had surgery to correct this birth defect.  Autumn continued growing and was a perfect and happy baby.  She did fine until she turned seven and started having some issues, it was discovered that her spinal cord reattached to scar…


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Moving on...

 I am struggleing with the fact that we can no longer hold onto my parents home.  I have a strong hold on this home on the bay...so much nature so many memories made here! so many adventures!  I stand fast as I have had 53 marvilous years growing up on the water!!! the love shared as a fammily and many friends.  Its so hard to let go...but when I get there its empty Mom and Dad are Home in Heaven...there home was a little piece of heaven!  A dot on a map to someone else.  Wow how life goes…


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Estate Solutions



Estate Solutions is here to help with the tasks of settling estates by providing services for real and personal property assets. Our Certified Estate Specialist bring "Old Fashion Integrity with the Cutting Edge Technology" while assisting heirs, attorneys, administrators and executors. The path to successfully settling estates includes a plan for disposition of assets,…


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Empathize, don’t minimize loss

It happens. Seeking solace, you call a trusted friend or loved one and share some sadness; a family member’s diagnosis or a colleague’s death. But instead of consolation, you’re told a story of greater loss, even more disturbing than the one you’ve shared.  You’d hoped for comfort but the conversation leaves you frustrated and feeling…


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