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My Mr Fabian

I must continue to share my sadness, my loss and my lonelyness of Joe. We were not married yet. We intended to start house hunting and getting married after the first of the year. As it turned out I should have married Joe when he suggested it earlier. I had most of my home moved into his. We wanted and needed more room. Joe and I began working hard together to combine or get rid of years of accumulation on both our parts. He told me he finally had a reason to want more in life. That reason…


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Hey babe!!

Wheew, the holidays are finally over... I don't mean to sound like such a scrooge, or negative nancy (is what you would call me LOL) But goodness they were tough. So many times I sat there starring at the Christmas tree, imagining what we would be doing right at that moment. Day dreaming about what the future would have held for us. The stories you would have told, after getting back from CIS school. I'm getting better, don't you worry. The tears don't come as often as they used to, or… Continue

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She would have been 31 yesterday

April 17th 2010 my 30 year old daughter passed away in her sleep for no apparent reason. she had health issues but they were not fatel,,, I have so many questions for her and although I push myself to move on with my life I have an ache that never leaves. she was born Jan 4th 1980 yesterday was her birthday christmas this year was hard as I lost my sister christmas day last year and then my daughter just a few months later, I tryed to make it as normal a christmas as I could for my grandaughter… Continue

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Dear Amy,


I tried to post a message two times and somehow it didnt work. I am so sorry I thought I sent you a message here saying, HAPPY NEW YEAR IN HEAVEN!! but it isnt showing up.


It is still hard to accept the fact that you are not here in the flesh and we all miss you so much. It is late and I totally forgot what I typed before, so I am just going to tell you again, we love you so so so much and miss you so so so much.


send hugs to all and…


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Reflections on Reader Response

Reader mail is always gratifying for a writer, which is why I’ve departed from my usual Q&A format to discuss it this month. So many people have e-mailed me about topics covered in this column. The subject of giving a eulogy drew the biggest response. In a column on the topic, I wrote, “First, understand that brevity is a virtue. It’s fine to speak for no more than five to seven minutes. This is not the Gettysburg Address.”


To my shock, many readers taught me a…


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A new year

My first holiday season without Steve is now over, and I sense myself turning a corner.  I thought Christmas would be the most difficult, but it wasn't, perhaps because I anticipated the difficulty and made plans.  I traveled to the DC area to see my younger stepson, his wife, and my 2-year old granddaughter.  It was my first trip to see any of Steve's children without him at my side, and there were painful moments, particularly pulling into the parking lot of the…


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Miss you

Well another new year without your smiling face! Oh how I miss you! We went to see Harry Potter and I thought about how much you liked the books and the movies.  Your brother still misses you so much.  We will see you one day again, I truely believe that.  You and maw maw save a great place for me. 



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kinda sad now...

Just brought in the new year and was sitting on the couch, thinking.  This will be the beginning of a whole new year without my granny.  Man!  I miss her Soooo much!  We had our ups and downs, but she was so good to me and took care of me and always made sure I had EVERYTHING I needed growing up.  

I'm trying to think of the good times we shared, but it's like there's a big elephant in the room with the thought of her not being with us for a WHOLE YEAR.  2011 is going to…


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