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Reflection : Have Courage & Be Strong

Suffering all around me

...be courageous ..be strong

Death all around me

....be courageous..be strong

I am afraid and weak

...be courageous ...be strong

 I weep....I weep...

..be courageous and strong

Can I? Yes I can!

Joshua 1:9

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Reflection: I Knew A Man --Who Can Relate

I knew a man who lost 10 children

I knew a man that question God

I knew a man that had false comforters

I knew a man that wife said "Curse God and die"

I knew a man that had a loathsome disease

I new a man that wanted to die

I new a man that could relate.. His name is Job

---The Book of Job

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*** sn song 24 p. 31 Keep Your Eyes on the Prize! ***

Song 24

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

(2 Corinthians 4:18)

1. When eyes of blind ones see again

And ears of deaf ones hear again,

When deserts blossom as the rose

And from parched ground fresh water flows,

When lame ones leap just like the hart,

When loved ones never have to part,

Such blessed times you’ll realize,

If you keep your eyes on the prize.

2. When tongues of mute ones speak…


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The Grief Wall - Post Your Feelings of Grief and Loss

Those who have lost a loved one understand what grief is. Life comes to a standstill, but only for you. Your friends try to help, but don't know what to say. If they did, it would do little to soothe the ache that is your grief. This loss, you realize, is yours alone.

Sharing a loss with others can be difficult. Our grief…


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An End to that Enemy Death

(Isaiah 25:8) He will swallow up death forever, And the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will wipe away the tears from all faces. The reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth, For Jehovah himself has spoken it.

(1 Corinthians 15:26) And the last enemy, death, is to be brought to nothing.

Oh how we long for the time when these scriptures will be fulfilled.  We know that if we trust God and his promises in the Bible that this is a sure thing!  So this is…


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How Families Can Grieve Together From Afar

With families settled all over the country, even the world, it can be difficult for them to come together to mourn a death. That’s what happened to a friend when her nephew died in Alaska. Her immediate family was spread out on both coasts and a funeral in Alaska was logistically impossible. Her nephew’s death was a devastating loss to my…


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A need to talk

I've never had a blog before, but I need to reach out. I need to express myself in this deep abyss of insecurity. I feel it helps me tap whatever strength I can muster.

My husband of 33 and a half years died suddenly I his sleep Feb. 7 2014. He was 62. Cause of death is still unknown.

I am trying to deal with a quiet house, lonely moments and a lonely forecast for the future.

I have lots of friends and I have reached out to them. I like activity and went for a… Continue

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Reflection: Factors that Lead to Crimes that Hurt So Much.....


Many experts feel that the following can contribute to senseless crimes:

Family breakdown

Hate groups, extremists

Dangerous cults

Violence in entertainment

Exposure to actual…


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An Update on Mausoleums

Q. I've seen mausoleums in cemeteries and always assumed they are exclusively for the rich and famous. I was recently told that isn't true – that they aren't necessarily hugely expensive. What are the options today, and how much does a mausoleum cost?

My dictionary defines a mausoleum as a large, stately building…


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No True Justice In This System

“How much is a life worth?” asks U.S.News & World Report. “In the U.S. today, the answer is seven years. That’s the median time convicted murderers spend behind bars, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.” "Many don’t stay in jail even that long. According to a survey of 30 states, one out of every seven prisoners given a life sentence serves three years or less". -Awake (1986)

Only God can…


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The Digital Dilemma and Fading Memories...

It's been 2 years and four months since I laid you to rest, Jaret.  As all my friends here know from their own journeys of loss, not a day does not pass where you are not on my mind.  I sleep in your bed with your blanket wrapped around me, when I wake, I wonder if you hear me snore.  I love you so much son, I am surprised to still be here after all the pain and loss you're leaving left us with.  I look at your pictures everyday, my screens are covered with the memories of you, and seeing…


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Coping with Loss of Mother

Do you have some tips on how to accept the idea that you won't be seeing your mother anymore and that she really has passed.  How do you cope?

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Loss my husband June 29, 2014

Hi my name is Debbie. My husband and I got together in 1989. We lived together for years, then along came my sweet boy Scott, he was born in 1994. We then decided to get married on July 15, 2000.  Lived a happy life, then in 2003, along came my baby girl Amanda.  Like every marriage there was ups and downs. We decided best to seperate.  We still remained the best of friends, and best friends at that and always had the kids come first.

One day on June 29,2014, his girlfriend…


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i lost my mother

Well my name is Sharon. I have taking care of my parents for years. Well this past month I lost my mother she had many health issues. I've had to move in the house where she lived with her husband of 69years. To take care of my father that also has health issues. I've been keeping myself busy so her passing doesn't hurt so much I have depression and I don't want it to take over but I feel like I need time to grieve her passing. I've only cryed at her funeral and maybe one other time. Is this… Continue

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Personal reflection: Miss you

Grandpa...you remember when you use to take me to the store and buy me candy when momma said no...

I miss you

Grandma..you remember when you use to cook those good old southern meals ..

I miss you

Counsin..you remember when you use to tease me 

I miss you

Mama Ragan...you remember when we use to engage in the ministry and have a good time...

I miss you

Can't wait to see you in Paradise ( Luke 23 :43)

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"I ain't afraid of no ghost"

For some reason that song pop in my head today.
Crazy song...glad the dead are not conscious of anything
(Ecclesiastes 9:5,10)..glad to know that my love ones are not suffering ..

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Personal Reflection: Don't Say Farewell..Say See You Later

Say Farewell to my Grandma and Grandpa who died of natural causes

No...see you later

Say Farewell to my little unborn sibling who did not see light

No...see you later

Say Farewell to my Bipolar Friend who shot herself

No...see you later

Say Farewell to my Counsin who died in a bike accident

No..see you later

I will see you again...I refuse to say farewell.....(John 5:28,29)

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Personal Reflection : Death

You defeated our family

You defeated our friends

Will you ever be defeated?

You cause us grief

You cause us sadness

Will you ever be defeated?

You cause us pain

You cause us to be depressed

Will you ever be defeated?

Alas, you will be defeated.....

 Revelation 21:3,4

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Up & Down

 I Lost my wife & best friend May 16th, 2014. It was the worst day of my life. We was 11 days short of celebrating 43 yr`s of being   married, Togeather we have 3 children and 7 Grand children, Who without them my life would have no purpose. this has been a journey that when i was younger i never thought i`d ever go thru. So with the help of our Lord & my family " I`m getting thru it day by day & never know which one will be UP or which one will be Down


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Facing Valentine's Day: 5 Tips for Widows

Q. I'm facing my first Valentine's Day since my husband died. We used to exchange fun gifts and go out to dinner to celebrate, and I dread spending it without him this year. How do others handle it?

Valentine's Day without your spouse can be hard, especially for the first time. It's one of those…


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