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Father Passing 1/29/10

I live in Michigan and my Father lived in Tennessee.... He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in June 2009, he passed January 29,2010 at the age of 48. I feel bad for not being able to see him but I am glad that I was to be with him before he passed at the hospital. Even though my Dad was not able to open his eyes, because of him being in a coma, I felt he knew I was there. One of the nurses told me that my Dad could hear me and to talk to him as if he could talk back to me. When I was able to… Continue

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An Un-Birthday

The third anniversary of loosing my oldest daughter...and I still don't know if I am doing things right. Just thought I would share a poem I wrote for anyone dealing with the same...

Today is an un-birthday

It is not a day of joy

Full of gifts and toys

It is not full of smiles

Or cards sent over the miles

It’s not a day of dreams

Birthday cards or ice cream

Today is an un-birthday

It’s a day full of tears

Full of pain and mascara… Continue

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ME Report

I got the ME report today. It lists the Cause of Death as "Lobar Pneumonia". The report said "Bilateral lower lobe pneumonia", which is bizarre because he wasn't even coughing on Monday, yet he died Tuesday morning. Not that I'm disputing the findings - based on what the autopsy report said, I can accept that as the cause. It doesn't say what caused the pneumonia, but based on how fast it happened and the reading I've done online, I'm guessing it was bacterial. I'm going to my doctor's office… Continue

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Loss of My Mother

I am writing because I have never experienced anything like this before. My mother died on February 24th, 2010 and I just buried her today. I know I have been grieving before her death took place. She was sick a long time with her liver and other complications. It shocked me to see her in the casket, laying there as if she were sleeping. The look of her was peaceful, but I know her spirit was no longer in her body. Everyone said I took this day very well, but I was crying on the outside and… Continue

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Six weeks

Today is six weeks since Dan died. Today sucked. I couldn't sleep last night, and ended up not going in to work today. I miss him so much. I've tried to be strong and tried to go on and tried to keep going and I evidently have a lot of people fooled into thinking I'm doing well and that I'm so strong. Bullhockey. I'm hanging on by my fingernails - or at least I would be if I hadn't bitten all my fingernails off. I don't know if it's that it's Tuesday and I hate Tuesdays, or if it's rebound from… Continue

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invisible tears

I'm still crying,you just can't see the tears. But I can feel them with every fiber of my being. He doesn't want me to cry. But I can't help it. I cry inside as I go thru my days and nights. Sometimes it pours visibly like a storm. But lately the tears, the pain, the depression, the anger at the system of things, etc., it's all invisible. But so real.

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What not to say after a suicide

Suicide was back in the news this week after the tragic death of Marie Osmond’s eighteen-year old son. “Suicide survivors,” the bereaved whose loved one died by suicide, are often left to deal with guilt (could I have stopped it?); rejection (how could they choose death over me?); stigmatism by friends, loved ones, and society (their loved one chose death over life).

So what can you do when a friend or loved one experiences a death by suicide? You can provide nonjudgmental support…


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House of Scott Funeral Homes Tacoma, WA

House of Scott Funeral & Cremation Services is a second-generation funeral home offering caring funeral and cremation services to Tacoma and the entire state of Washington. We cater to all religions and can arrange services at your church, our chapel, or any other facility you desire.

the entire state of Washington. We cater to all religions and can arrange services at your church, our chapel, or any other facility you desire.

Funerals and Cremation

•Full range of… Continue

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New Dates for The Center's Healing from Our Losses Grief Recovery Group

At our counseling center, we have found many people benefit from meeting with others who are going through similar loss circumstances. The opportunity to connect with and learn from each other while the group process is facilitated by a professional is a powerful combination.

One of the many things we have learned about the grief journey is that the faster a person allows for the expression and processing of emotional content, the more likely they are to be able to cope with and be… Continue

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Expressing and Processing Emotions in Grief Therapy Part One

In setting up grief therapy, which focuses on the expression and processing of emotions, it is necessary to look at the blocks to the free and appropriate flow of emotion. We can assume that within each of us there is a struggle to share painful feelings. A part of us wants to and a part of us holds back. The part of us that holds back uses a variety of techniques for blocking expression. As therapists at the Center we ally ourselves with the part of each person that wants to openly look at… Continue

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