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Sunday April 25th would of been my son Jeremy's 30th birthday. I am sad, heart broken and grief stricken because he died when he was 25 years old. Why does God give us this precious gift of children …

Sunday April 25th would of been my son Jeremy's 30th birthday. I am sad, heart broken and grief stricken because he died when he was 25 years old. Why does God give us this precious gift of children only to take them from us???? I know he is in a better place and that we will see each other again, but right now every day is so hard. I think of him every day, my heart aches and I cry. It doesn't get any easier as time passes. Birthdays, anniversary date of his death and holidays are so awful to… Continue

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My Big Sister

Life with out you is so hard.Never did I think you would be gone .You that was always there now you are gone. My heart and soul feels so hurt. Wish with all my soul you could come back. Love You Licha

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7 weeks


Mama is missing you so so much. My body craves your weight, to feel you on me. I know exactly what level I need to bend to to scoop you up, where my hands need to land to be under your arms to pull you close. I know how you will feel, which way you will curve into me whether I am taking you out of your crib, out of your car seat or out of the tub. I want to give you a bath and watch you giggle while I wash your ticklish legs and float on your back while chanting "I… Continue

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Sharing My Grief

A am a widow. My husband and I were "life mates" and he left a tremendous void in my life. But my hope and my future is in the Lord and He sustains me. Stephen Ministry Books, "Journeying Through Grief" and the 13 week GriefShare program helped me to cope with my loss.

I am currently reading "Confessions of A Grieving Christian: by Zig Ziglar. Zig's daughter and my husband died of the same diagnosis. Their death process was almost identical. Zig writes of his pain, sorrow, Love and… Continue

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kelly boys

how do i go on living without my sons 1 was killed at work his mane was donald my other son took his own life as he could not live without his big bro a loving mother

Added by liz kelly on April 18, 2010 at 12:45am — 1 Comment

kelly boys

my name is liz and i lost both of my sons donald almost 5 years and ramey 1 year

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Ready to relate.

Hi I'm Kaite, I am new to LegacyConnect, and would like to find someone to talk and relate too. I Signed up for LegacyConnect because i lost my dad december 30th 2008. Well if your interested in making a good friend and always having someone to talk too just write me, I'll be around. If I dont get to you right away dont panic I'll be sure to check up often. Well I cant wait to meet some new people and relate to people that are either going thru or have lost a parent. TTYL(:

-kaitee… Continue

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When I die I want my epitaph to read "she died of a broken heart". Because that is where I am, that is what I have. My heart is truly shattered, broken in a way that will never heal. Whether I die next week or in 50 years this is the beginning of the end. The time when I stopped thinking of my life as how long I had been alive and started looking it as how much closer I am to death. Emerson has been gone for 46 days, therefore I am 46 days closer to my own demise. 46 days closer to being with… Continue

Added by Danielle on April 15, 2010 at 2:55pm — 1 Comment

What Is Hospice Care?

Q. I’ve just heard that an acquaintance of mine has advanced lung cancer and is receiving hospice care. Can you tell me exactly what hospice is and how it works?

A. As the population ages, the issue of quality end of life care grows more urgent than ever. Most of us have heard of hospice care (or may even have seen scenes of it in medical dramas on TV), yet we often don’t really understand what’s involved until someone we know needs it. Hospice’s goal is to improve…


Added by Florence Isaacs on April 15, 2010 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment


our family loss my wife's twin brother on march 26,2010. he lived with us for the last 10 years . he took his life ,we did not see any signs ,but i feel i should have saw something to help him . i feel so lost that i can't do any more for my wife .just to be there i don't think it is enough . i don,t know what to do ? my wife is going to talk to a consuler on friday, but it is so hard to be in the house alone when she goes to work .i worrie about her she is taking it so bad . i hope the… Continue

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The Victory Is Ours !

It has been just about a Month, and it is very difficult. But I have taken alot of advice from here. And the results are good. It has helped very much too open up and talk about it. And I talk about it most of my time. So the tears are less but even more powerful. I just feel like every step I take is important more so now then ever. It makes want to be a better person, again this is today and the changes come like every hour. But I am starting to settle in my mind a bit. I thought I was going… Continue

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When memories are all we have

My friend’s dad died several years ago but she thinks of him often; his golf hat and golf clubs are a constant reminder. She stores them where they’re visible and she smiles when she sees them. A cousin wore his dad’s coat the first winter following his father’s death and a friend found great comfort using her mom’s handbag while she grieved her death.

These stories made me think of my grandma. She was constantly in the kitchen and she always wore an apron. I wear an apron…


Added by Robbie Miller Kaplan on April 14, 2010 at 2:00pm — 4 Comments

When dealth comes knocking

I wrote this at lunch I am a poet by no means so just bear with it.

When dealth comes knocking "ohh" what to do?

It will take all that is left of you.

It takes all that you are and and takes your guard down..

It rips your sanity and your will,it takes all the tears you had to heal.

It takes your family thats a fact and trust me it don't give back.

It will take your family you hold so dear and it rips your heart out oh what fear.

Hurt and rage is all you… Continue

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A walk to remember

Due to the terrible loss of my son I have noticed a few things. I am nor will I ever be the same. I was a great mother and now with one missing I am not a good mother.My family daughter and son that are still here are suffering too. I have realized Chris was the glue that kept my family together. All my kids played a part in making my family. Chris was the glue. Amanda never a dull moment drama because she was always the diva. Scott the baby always made us laugh.Scott don't talk to anyone much… Continue

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Love After Loss: Writing The Rest of Your Story

For those of you who have lost a spouse, you may have reached a point of readiness to look for love once again.

I was 46 years of age, a widow of seven years, and a veteran of a happy twenty-year marriage at the time I began this process.

Although I was told that it would take from five to seven years for me to feel truly healed from the wound inflicted upon my heart from my late husband’s unexpected death at the age of 41, I really did not believe it. After all,… Continue

Added by Ellen Gerst on April 12, 2010 at 7:30pm — 2 Comments

Any good books explaining Heaven to kids?

Can anyone recomend a good book or movie for my kids in their time of mourning the loss of their father? I have 2 daughters 4 and 11 yrs old. My husband passed away last July 13, 2009.

Added by Rachael on April 12, 2010 at 6:45pm — 1 Comment

Being Alone

It's been 4 years since my husband died. I never thought being alone would be SO lonely!
What is my purpose now?

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My husband of 47 years died suddenly Jan. 26th

On January 26th at 6:15 P.M. our 12 year old grandson came over to our house so my husband could help him with a school project. Caleb,our grandson, was making a DNA strand. Our entire family had gone to Disney World in August and Caleb wanted the strand to be made up of Mickey Mouse profiles. He and my husband went out back, put newspaper on the concrete drive and were spraying styroform balls with black spray paint. I was fixing supper. My youngest daughter dropped by to have a cup of coffee.… Continue

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Death Of A Love One

On April 21, 2006 one of my oldest sister's passed away due to heart failure,and as all the young adults kids (COUSINS) were all together going from house to house in shock,April 23,2006 3:49am my daughter called me and told me that my son had been shot, she never said where on his body, I asked her where were they and she gave me their location,when I arrived at the location the EMS team was standing in the door of the car doing nothing didnt say anything to me are anything.The police was… Continue

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