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Slow down and take the time people

Life is so short and for those of us who have lost a loved one know that,I just pray that other's out there will take the time in this life and realize that. The world is moving so fast that people are forgetting about their loved ones. Take the time with that person and tell them you love them or just be there for them when needed or pick up the phone and call them. Remember that someone or even yourself can be gone in an instant.

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Now What?

My sister and i have been talking a lot about when we were younger and we both agree on one thing- it wasn't the greatest we've ever experienced. Partly because of our Father and brother. After Dad died I thought that I couldn't go on. I turned into a "Daddy's girl" and don't know when or why. Now my little sister and brother already were the babies and got spoiled rotten. Ask them and they won't admit to it at all. I feel the pain of losing my mom, dad and brother, all wrapped up into… Continue

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Passing of son tragically

My son was 28, married with children and was killed in a chemical plant explosion. The explosion was Sept. 23, 2008 and he passed away Oct 17, 2008. He was given just a few hours to live but her made it almost a month. He was 97% burned, 3rd degree. I am having a difficult time with the loss.

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Memorial Service Etiquette

A reader shares: “My brother’s funeral was in another state and my immediate family was unable to attend. I’m coordinating a memorial service for him in our hometown. How can I make it appropriate for all in attendance who have many thoughts and religious beliefs?”

If you are holding a memorial service in a house of worship, you’ll need to check with the pastoral staff for guidance. But if you’re not holding the service in a house of worship, I believe you have a lot of flexibility…


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Loss of a grandchild

I lost a grandson March 19, 2008. He was only 3 months old. I miss him horribly. i only got to see him a few times. It kills me ,and now my son ,this childs father i'm afraid is gonna end up dead. I can't hardly handle the loss of my grandson ,let alone to loose my son too. I know my grandson is in heaven looking down on us ,but I still miss him . RIP Christopher Depaul Hurst Jr.

Born 12-15-2007 Died 3-19-2008.

For all the people that read this that has lost a loved one my thoughts ,a… Continue

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Hurtful loss of our 3 year old son to a drowning on 04/10/09

This has been the most painful experience ever! I feel at times that I need to be strong to go on, but it's so hard! He was my baby boy! My lil Angel! I miss him so much!

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Getting Through

It's been two months since my brothers death. The nightmares stopped and then this morning I woke up with tears in my eyes and thinking, "He can't hurt me any longer." Why would that affect me like this? Why am I thinking (or dreaming) about the things he did to me when we were younger? I thought I'd made it through all those memories, so what is really going on in my head? How do I stop the pain again?

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There is no limite to give pure love or to recieve it. Inside of any human's heart is amazing ispiration, unlimited of love. from, Sharelovejuly

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new for my grandmother

Sitting in the backyard as you watched us play

what i wouldnt give to go back to that day

a srap upon my knee you kiss me as i cry

i never really thought we would have to say goodbye

going into labor with my first son

you cried with me and told me labor wasnt fun

you came into his room and claimed him as your own

what i wouldnt give for you to come home

when i had ryan you always had him near i

will tell him about you and why… Continue

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I just can't seem to BELIEVE that he is really gone.

Does anyone else keep getting hit with the fact that this really did happen? That tomorrow you will wake up and he still will be gone? I just can't seem to accept that this is final. I was able to accept it with my Mother, and my Father, but not with my son. Not that I loved them any less.

Added by Avis Eickmeyer on May 23, 2009 at 5:45pm — 1 Comment

Making Peace

In May 08 my boyfriend passed away suddenly. I decided on the anniversay of the death of my late boyfriend to write what I called "The Letter"". I wrote saying how my life is now without him and how the memories that we had shared kept me going when there were times that I didn't know how I was going to make it. And how even after a year later it is still hard for me to BELIEVE that Charlie is gone. The reason that I wrote the letter is to make peace for myself and to let him know that God… Continue

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Children and Funerals

Q. I want to take my six-year-old son to my father’s funeral, but my wife feels it’s inappropriate for children to attend. She thinks it will scare him. What’s your take on this issue?

A. I recently attended a funeral where two toddlers made the rounds of the reception room, as friends and relatives paid respects to the mourners prior to the service. A baby slept soundly in a carriage, then woke to bellow for a few seconds. It was a room filled with life—and…


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Mother's Day 2009

It was a lonely hard day. One son resting in a grave the other son gone on hes way and my own mother I miss on her first Mother's Day in heaven. I couldn't be in a better place today (you think)? If I am living next year at this time, I will not feel this pain.

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Spread some kindness today

Do you have time to write a note today? I met someone who told me that once a week she sits at her desk and asks herself, “Who could use a note this week?” And then she writes one to someone who could use a dose of kindness.

In the frenzy to stay on top of things most of us find it difficult to find the time to write a note, no less figure out who could use some cheering up. But think how many spirits we’d lift if we all took the time this week to write one note to one person to let…


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Obtaining a death certificate

What is a death certificate—and why do loved ones need it?

A death certificate is the official record of the death of an individual and includes the dates of birth and death, gender, place of residence, and location and cause of death. It is prepared by the county health department, recorded in the county and maintained by county or state offices.

Why is it needed?

Other than simply recording the death, why do loved ones need it? Well, the agent…


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anybody from houston, hallsville,dallas, california that has info on alfonso deadmon please contact SANDRA MARTINEZ at 210 8260028. very important . thank you, please pass this info to anyone that might know info on any family member

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Doesn't get easier

I've been thru some pretty tough things in life BUT the death of my loving and wonderful husband is the toughest. I miss him so much and I don't think this ever gets easier maybe just more manageable. I lost my mom in 1998 and I was very close to her but this is so much harder. Wouldn't it be great if we could be assured positively we would see each other again someday???

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Finding Dimes-Are they from our loved ones?

I have had something strange that has been happening ever since I lost my husband almost a year ago I have been finding dimes. I have always found pennies and picked them up no big deal, they were always found on the ground. But these dimes that I keep finding are some times in strange places like on my pillow, on the railing of my fence, after making my bed I come back later and one is there on my side where I sleep, on the sofa and many… Continue

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East Orange resident, 69 Mrs. Annie Elizabeth Chalmers, 69, of East Orange died on Feb. 28, 2009. Services will be held on Friday, March 6, 2009 at 11 a.m. at White Rock Baptist Church, 727 South 14th St., Newark. Viewing is Thursday, March 5, 2009, from 7 to 9 p.m. at church. Interment will follow in Hollywood Cemetery, Union. Born in Little Washington, N.C., on Oct. 23, 1939, Mrs. Chalmers lived in East… Continue

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I’ll Be Seeing You (But I Know You Are Not There)

The man coming toward me on the street looked like Joe. I stood staring, my breath coming in little gasps. He was tall and thin. He even walked like Joe. He passed me at the corner. It certainly was not my husband. The tears came. What I wouldn’t give to see Joe walking toward me again!

Joe, I remember you:

Coming up the steps to the deck with an armload of firewood.

Bending over the saw in your workshop.

Sitting in your chair, hands held…


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