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Buying Tickets to see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

I'm watching Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith on SpikeTv. Only six years ago, I went to Neshaminty AMC at 9:00 AM to get tickets to take Timmy for the 6:00 PM show, which was the earliest that wasn't sold out.

His eyes lit up when we pulled up to the mall and I held up the tickets for his mother, him, and me after I teased him it might be tough to catch a show on opening night, May…


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Brief Memory with a Rear View Mirror. Still some where after 4:03 PM, May 17, 2011

Timmy was about 6 or 7 years old, we were sitting in my old Camry waiting for his mother to come out of a store. Timmy said to me, "Daddy, do you know who my hero is?"



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rip ronald lee hixon

you will be missed uncle ronnie love sarina

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rest in peace uncle ronnie you will be missed

rest in peace uncle ronnie you will be missed


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Together Again


Just 6 days ago, I was finally able to finish everything in order to bring home my personal urn of daddy's ashes. Now both mama's & daddy's li' urns sit together on the fireplace mantel of the home they both loved. It seems so right for the two of them to be up there sitting together watching their family, whom they both loved very much.... Now I just want to find a really fancy tray to beable to disply them on instead of this lil' funky one. LOL... Although, they both would…


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The Little Old Man, the Headstone, and my Future

On Saturday, during this Memorial Day Weekend, I was leaving Timmy's grave, and I seen this elderly man bent over a headstone a lot over. I stopped to see if he was okay. He stood up and explained that he was taking care of his wife's grave. He asked me why I was there and I told him. He started to cry and speak in Italian while blessing himself. He… Continue

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I Hate Rollercoasters

A friend from another site wrote how she was on this merry go round, I know what she means but mine is a roller coaster, (which I have always literally hated them...went on one when I was about 6 yrs old with my dad and when we got off I was told I was white as a sheet and my dad asked if I wanted to go and do it again...they say I just looked at him with that wide eyed 6 yr old look and said in a very tiny voice, "OK", thankfully he didn't take me back on it and I have never been on one again… Continue

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Military Suicide Loss

I was raised in a family where military service was praised and celebrated as part of our history. My maternal grandfather, a general practice physician, served in the South Pacific during World War II and my father spent several tours in the Navy, one during the…


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May 28th Jess's 18th Birthday

Hi Hun

Missing you so very much and wish you could share this day with her. I know you are there with her. She is performing tonight at the mayor's gala and she'll make you proud. I bought her a daimond angel wing necklace from you . I knew it was your taste :0)

Brett you are such a big part of her world she is so proud to call you her brother. As I know you are proud to call her sister.

Miss you so very very much hun

Love Ya…


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May 17, 2011, Still somewhere after 4:03 PM Getting Shadow

When my son Timothy was about 18 months old, his mother took him to Steffen’s Pet Shop to see the puppies. All Timmy wanted since learning how to crawl was a dog. His grand-mothers each had a dog. A few of his cousins had one. So Gi took him and put him in the puppy pen at the rear of the store. There a…


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3years and still hurting

I lost my husband January 2008 under tragic circumstances . We were both widowed and had known each other years ago . WE reconnected after 50 years of being apart . We were only married 14 months  when he died of cancer . He was diagnosed on our anniversary Nov 11th 2007 and died Jan 5th 2008 .I console myself somewhat by reasoning that because he went quickly he didnt have time for prolonged suffering but im still angry at the powers that be for taking him away from me . Additionally to…


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Somewhere in Time after 4:03 PM May 17, 2011

I sit now in the kitchen on my laptop. But somehow I'm still in the chair in the family room wondering what happened, what is going on, is Timmy okay?  I started having images of when I looked into Timmy's eyes the day he was born, and promised that I would be the best father and dad I could humanly be.…


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Not Missing the Butterfly

Early this morning on my run-walk with my dog Chaco, I asked that I not miss any signs that my deceased loved ones are with me in my daily life. After taking Chaco home, I went back out with Nestle and Hattie (mornings are a succession of all four dogs getting their run-walks after my run without them) and as we were running along, my thoughts completely elsewhere by that time, I happened to look ahead and saw that I was about to step on a butterfly. I stopped short and managed to miss the…


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This is your time: how valuable is a quiet moment with you.

Some people call it rest, some call it taking a five or ten, some even call it taking a nap, but when the rubber hits the road it’s really a quiet moment with you. Such a moment allows your body to get some comfort time.


Okay, you say it was God who blessed you with the working ability, but your struggle is taking a moment for you. If that’s the case with you, here are some helpful hints.



1: Never let someone else be the one to say when for…


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The Begining - 4:03 PM, May 17, 2011

Just last Tuesday, May 17, 2011, at 4:03 PM, I was informed my whole world was about to change forever even though it had changed barely thirty minutes before.  I had just left the Police Academy to qualify for my firearm.  My son, Timmy, usually stayed after school at Archbishop Ryan hanging out with a small group of students and… Continue

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8 months & counting

I guess I'm stuck in a time warp because it has been 8 calendar months since the best man I have ever known died suddenly from a work related "accident." That should be long enough for me to realize I won't be seeing him walk through the door ever again. He won't be needing any of his things that have been left untouched since the morning of August 26, 2010. Regardless, my soul longs to be with him and waits impatiently for the moment we can embrace once again. My hearts grows more weak with…


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Remembering on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, as we honor brave men and women who have served their country, we also remember the families left to grieve.


On and LegacyConnect, we are featuring tributes to armed forces veterans. And, as always, you'll also find resources to help you cope with the…


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Rockin' in the Free World

Ryan Means had dreamed of joining the Army since the age of six, but it was not until his childhood playmate and best buddy Adam White was killed in the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers that he was mobilized into action. The despair of riding his bike around New York City, posting flyers, checking in with hospitals, and, finally, accepting that Adam was dead were…


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Another Holiday without you

Hi Hun

Another Holiday without your Laughing eyes and the tilt of your head as you laugh out loud. Your eyes dancing and your warmth filling the room. I miss you so very much and it just seems to get harder not easier. Last week I spent in the hospital with pneumonia and as the ambulance was taking me there they asked who to call......I didn't know what to say you weren't there for me to call. So they called Jessie and she did the same thing I did she reached for you......We couldn't…


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Why I love baseball.

My life is a lot like a baseball game. The other team has scored just too many runs. The game was actually over on 1-13-09, the day she died, but I still have to come to bat each day because its my turn at the plate. Some days I can get a hit. Some days I actually hit home run and I smile and laugh, enjoy times with my wife and friends. Some days I strike out altogether and these are very sad days. But I know I have to go to bat tomorrow and, out of sheer pride and perseverance, I give it my… Continue

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