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a very real close to home Minnesota story

If you have Netflix access, this is the link to hear of the tragic story of  19 year old Katie Poirer, she was kidnapped and later brutally murdered by Donald Blom over one Memorial Day weekend in 1999.  Katie was a teenager just earning extra money working at the local convenience store in the quiet fishing/vacation spot where my paternal grandparents lived in Moose Lake.  The story created a media sensation when FBI investigators were able to tie one of her teeth found in Blom's fire pit…


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loss of my dear sister Ann

I traveled and left my sister in charge of my children in the house. At night thugs broke into the house and shot her where she succumbed. its very painful loss to cope with and my children.please advice us.

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The past 6 years

Hello, my name is Rachael, I wanted to start off by saying I'm sorry to anyone who has to feel the pain and emptiness of losing someone you love. I'm 25 years old. I grew up very religious, until my parents divorced in 1997. My mom raised us on her own because my dad went to prison for heroine.which was a huge suprise to everyone. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. My brother Alex died October 20th, 2007. He hurt his back at work and started getting perscibed OxyContin. He abused them which lead… Continue

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new member

I just signed up today I lost my DH on March 11th the day before our 8 year anniversery he took our 3 children, my pregnant step daughter and son in law to the river to play with a remote controlled boat the river was starting to flood the boat got stuck so my 8 year old went to get it out of the bushes my husband told him to come back but he reached down and fell in my son in law and my husband jumped in to save him my husband was able to grab him and swim to the shore and pass him to a…


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Choosing an Inscription for Spouse's Gravestone

Q. My husband died recently and I’m thinking about what should be written on his stone. Are there any rules to follow—or any caveats? I don’t want to look back a few years from now and think “Why on earth did I pick those words?”


You’re talking about an “epitaph,” a commemorative inscription on a gravestone. The format usually includes the deceased’s name and date of birth and death:


Thomas Jones…


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First time on this site

I lost my husband to a massive stroke in March. He had complained of a bad headache but didn't want to go to the doctor. This went on for 5 days until one night he had a stroke. I was supposed to take care of him. It's my fault he's gone. I've made him go to the doctor before. Why didn't I this time. I cry every night in bed and when I wake for a few seconds I think it was just a dream then reality hits and I cry some more.

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Tim's Second Angelversary May 17, 2013


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Expressing condolences via technology

An acquaintance had an aggressive form of cancer. I was kept in the loop via text messages and Facebook and so it seemed natural to learn of her death through a text. A friend of the bereaved sent a mass text, not one but a series, with funeral notifications, meal requests, and donation preferences. Friends of the bereaved began writing condolence messages on her Facebook wall.

My first thought upon hearing of the death was to send a condolence note; but I changed my…


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My name is Ken and I just recently lost my partner Bob from Liver Cancer. We were together almost 39 years and raised my two daughters and have 3 grandchildren.

Bobby was told in April 2011 that he had liver cancer and given a year. Last April he was given 1 1% chance on making the night he passed this…


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Just joined

I needed a place to express myself since losing my brother this past September to suicide. I'm not sure what I'm feeling is normal, then again nothing has been normal since losing him. Just looking for some advice because the medications for depression/anixiety haven't worked and I stopped taking them becuase of all the negative side affects.

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11 years and still grieving

My sister Wanda was not just my only sister, she was my very best friend. She held my hand on my first day of school. She taught me how ride a bike, drive a car, and how to not take myself for granted. She was my matron of honor when I got married. We had such big plans of amusement parks, road trips, and just being silly together when and if her children ever grew up. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2001 and they told us she had at most 6 weeks to live. I cried in the hospital…


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Losing your best friend.

I lost my husband of 26 years in January of this year. He had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure in early November but was otherwise healthy. He was put on various medications to strenghten his heart but to no avail. We had a good day that Friday doing all the things we normally did, shopping, lunch with grandkids, and just enjoying life here at home. His words to me that evening were "I don't feel good", and then he was gone. I am hoping this site will help me in expressing my…


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My dear friend,

close your eyes…

hold my hand,

and hear me whisper…

For the times I was lost,

You were there to look for me.

Will you believe me when I say I love you more than you’ll ever know.



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How to Write a Condolence Note to a Customer or Client

Q. The mother of a relatively new client of mine just died of a heart attack. I’m a lawyer, and am thinking of sending the condolence note below to the client:

“Janet: So very sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. When the days seem dark, remember to cherish the good memories the two of you created. It will help carry you through the dark. You are in my thoughts and prayers.”

Do you think this note is appropriate?




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I am trying me best to keep my wife's family together and act like a real father to her kids...real dad has taken off. But they just want to blame me for her death, say that I didn't really love her, make comments that are untrue, and not have anything to do with me. Her youngest has no job, drinks constantly(I don't know where he gets the money), and lives in my wife's house. I have supported him financially(until now) and he won't relinquish mom's car to me. He has made up a story that she…


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Losing Neil..Dealing with my Cousin's (more like brother) suicide

My cousin Neil was the brother I never had.  I remember going to his parent's wedding when I was very young.  I remember him attacking my room when I was 13 and he was 3 and me screaming to "GET NEIL OUT OF MY ROOM MOM!"  Fast forward many years, and Neil started staying with my own family when he was about 14.  He would stay a couple of weeks or more each summer with my husband, daughter and me every year.  He was such a big part of our lives, he went everywhere with us and our friends soon…


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Caregiver Grief and Mourning

Hi! My name I Marilyn, and I am new to this forum.

My soul mate and husband  died on April 21 after a heroic, eleven year battle with prostate cancer.

We were only married for 18 months, a second marriage for both of us, before the diagnosis of prostate cancer, and then there were three of us in our marriage for the remaining 10 years - me, Richard, and cancer. It affected not only my husband life's, but mine as well - intimacy, planning for the future, the ability to travel…


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Losing my Hero

On April 3,2013 I lost the hero in my life, my father.  I am still dealing with the lost and every day  is a new stuggle with accepting this void that is left behind.  My father and I were very close and I hold no regrets or hard feeling about him. For as I gave his ulogy, I commented on how he was a kind, strong,understanding,guiding and loving man. He and my mother would have been married 50 yrs this October. It is sad to see her without her partner, soulmate. I live right next door to…


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Mother's Day

Yesterday was mothers day, my thoughts were with my deceased son as they are most days. Did I feel an empty spot you bet! How can I not, there is a hole in my heart that will never fill in. He took it with him and that is ok because I will recover it when we meet again. That is what I hold onto and live for to see you again along with the rest of my family. Love and hugs to you my dear son, I so miss you Carl. Xoxo

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Missing you my Boy

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