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I am taking it all one tiny step at a time

I new to the website. I came upon this when I decided to look up my Dad's obituary. My father died expectingly on March 26,2010 of an aneurysm in abdomen. My mother died on my birthday June 7, 2008 after a 40 month battle with colon cancer. I miss them both very very much. Today was a rough day for me. I dreamed about the both of them last night. I dream about them often. I feel so alone in this world w/o my parents. Sure, I have my own family, but it just feels so empty w/o my parents. My… Continue

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I just wrote and posted, I thought, to a blog site; evidently it was not entered. I'm not sure I can rewrite my feelings as well the second time, but I will try. I lost my best friend, my lover, my husband on June 6,2010 to stomach cancer. I knew the prognosis 2+ years ago, but I never thought it would really happen. I am absolutely immobilized; I don't want to see anyone or go anywhere; I know it will take time; I have heard all the cliches and listened to my wonderful friends as they ask me… Continue

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My husband died June 6, 2010 after a 2+ year battle with stomach cancer. Although I knew the prognosis his death has immobilized me; I cannot stop crying over what was supposed to be (we were married for 41 years) and what will never be. He was my best friend; we had a strong marriage; I don't know how to go on without him. Our special wonderful friends call, want to take me out, and support me in any way they can. I refuse. I have called for an appt. with a therapist; I think I need some… Continue

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one year

july 24...one year since michael died...it doesn't seem possible...my heart still aches...i still wait for his phone calls, our dances, our vacations, our "little book club", picking out his clothes for work, sharing lunch and dinner together. the list is endless. i am out there trying to learn how to live life as a "single" person. i really have no idea since i met michael when i was 17. the house doesn't get messed up, less laundry to do, less food to buy...i try to make all that a positive… Continue

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Today's my Mom's B-Day!

First, I should begin by stating that I am in dire need of support because at times I feel like crawling out of my skin!!! I really hope this support group mworks out for me.

It will be two years this August that I loss my mom and it still seems like yesterday! I still hurt so deep and I'm so very lonely that words couldn't begin to describe exactly how I feel!

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dealing with the unknown

If I can make one person feel better then that will help me get on with life. The reasons for suicide are endless the one thing it is not is YOU. I want to belive there is a reason some people just dont find our kind,loving world worth riding out everyday. I know that leaving the ones they love is the hardest part but the choice is to be "loved into staying" I know that having to deal with a lung dissorder lets be honest "cancer" isnt easy but I have to say I will live and die on my feelings… Continue

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Why Couldn't I Keep My Cat?

New story posted on The Widows Walk Ministry - "Why Couldn't I Keep My Cat?"

If you've lost a friend or loved one through death, then you probably know there is one little word that poses a huge question, "Why?" Some of us have had a really hard time reconciling answers to this question. Others are afraid to ask fearing that it might be wrong to question God. Is God big enough to handle our questions? Does… Continue

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I am grieving

I just lost my grandmother last week of Alzheimers Disease. She was 83 years old and was a very special woman. It has been very difficult for me, especially since the wake on Monday night. But I am learning to accept this and it's not easy for me to accept, but I'm doing it, no matter how painful this is. My family and I are going to get through this in time. I know none of you may know me but since her death is fresh, I would appreciate some support with this.

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After the death of both your mom and dad

In the scheme of things, we expect to outlive our parents. It is in the natural order that we anticipate that our parents will die before us. And yet it seems that nothing prepares us for the loss – the void we feel following their deaths.

When my last parent died, I felt I had lost my buffer. Without my mom, there was no longer a layer that protected me. When she was alive, no matter what happened or what curve life threw my way, I had someone older and wiser to lean on and learn…


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Memorial Service Ediquette

Please read my page and leave a comment about my situation. Am I being inconsiderate of my husbands family by taking time to create a memoral service that he would have wanted with thought and meaning behind it? My circumstances are explained in more detail on my page. His older brother and step mother are pressuring me to do a hurried up service to get it over with because they feel I am taking too long. He suggested I agree to a service at his Methodist church and have his minister do a… Continue

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my heart still pains over the loss of your touch, your smell your song in my heart.how do I move on without you by my side, I miss you and it pains me it hurts, It hasn't been a year yet and I do not know what to do, where to go,or how to move forward. i hear you in my dreams, times i wish i was with you.

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4TH OF JULY 2010

HI AMY OUR LOVE. It's almost the end of july 4th, 2010. We sadly missed you again. We took the baby, your only niece, you're brother johns little girl to see and hear a few of the local fireworks. It so reminded us how we did this with you up until you finally learned to drive or go with your friends instead of us. One of the last times you were out with your friends and right down the road from where we were watching the same fireworks. We wish so that is could be again.

We visited… Continue

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Today may be the Fourth of July, but for me it's the day that my son died in a car accident three years ago. I woke up this morning and I knew that it would be a difficult day and I tried to ignore it completely; but I can't.

I could really use some encouragement and an uplifting remark or comment. You are the only people that could understand my pain; thank you.

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I Am Still Here!

I am not gone, while you cry with me

I am not gone, while you smile with me

I am not gone, while you remember with me

I will come, when you call my name

I am in your pain and tears today

I am in your memories and joy today

I am in the sunrise and sunset today

I am everywhere around you today

I will come, when I feel your pain

I will come, on your final day

It could never be, that we would never be

We shall always be together…

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Maybe I'm just a woman of a certain age......

Maybe it's my age, but it seems to me that almost every week someone tells me about a friend who has recently passed away. I realize that I'm on the other side of the half-century mark, so it seems pretty logical that I will begin to know as many people who have died as those of us who are still here.

Certainly my 82 year old dad can tell you that he has outlived all of his brothers and sisters, my mom, and a lot of friends. Twenty years ago, I thought this kind of…


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