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Letter to Liz dated October 10th, 2012 Part 2

Dear Liz,


I guess the key to grieving for me is to plan ahead!! 

I not only figured out what I was going to do today...but I set up 2 things that I knew would comfort me today.  A phone call with a good online friend...and I also had a FB friend share the link for your page! 




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Letter To Liz Dated October 10th, 2012

Dear Liz,

It's now been exactly 8 months since you died.  :(

Have you seen your Facebook Page?  I really hope that you like it!

I especially like the photos that I put together just for my Page!  A

friend of mine told me how to do it just this week.  :)

And then just this week I created a Twitter account to connect the

page to.

I've also been working on your online memorial service I'll be doing on

your anniversary…


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Chocolate Bonds

We all know that blood is thicker than water.

In my family, blood is made up of equal parts: red cells, white cells and brown cells. Those would be the chocolate cells that run gooey in the Soper gene, so thick, in fact, that a timeline of bonding with my dad can be traced from earliest childhood treats to more sophisticated adult indulgences.

The Sunday night drives to Howard Johnson’s for a quart of hand-packed chocolate ice cream (the superior brand in…


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Relatives Can Be Good Resources

Q. My husband died after 35 years of marriage. Although I still work, I feel nobody needs me anymore. My grown children live far away. I’ve just been invited to a family event at a cousin’s house, but hesitate to go because I haven’t been close to these relatives. What do you think?

There are so many losses when you’re widowed, including being stripped of a key part of your identity. Connecting with others is essential to finding meaning and support. A good place…


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When loss hits the workplace

While it can be hard to know what to say to friends and loved ones facing difficult times, it can be even tougher when it happens at work. It’s one thing to support a friend dealing with a difficult loss but harder to know what to say and do with relationships that lack intimacy. Here are some real-life situations with helpful strategies. 

Despite working with someone day to day, collegial relationships are more like acquaintances. So how can you support a bereaved…


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And Then There Were 4

The subject line of this blog runs through my head a lot sometimes.      It reminds me of the Agatha Christie book "And Then There Were None" 
There were 5 people in my family...and now there are 4. 
Nowhere is this more apparent than when I get together with my family.  I can get together with just my mother okay...although maybe not at her house.  But add my Dad and/or my sister Pam...and I have a hard time.
Then it…

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How Death Can Make Us Love More Now!!

Death....the final stage of our imperfect live brings about so many emotions...the most painful one is grief. With the passing of each of our love ones we need to embrace life in such a way where --we love now.

Why love now?   Once a person dies they cant hear your lost words, your missed kisses, your empty hugs, or see your tearful pain.  So, why not love to the fullest now.  Everything about our Heavenly Father is based on "Love."  (1 John 4:8)

If we love now to the fullest -…


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Thanksgivings without you again.......

As the leaves turn color and fall and the north winds blow I feel another season changing without you here, another year slips by and you are on my mind no less. I hear your laughter and see your face. I know you watch over us as I feel your presence. The kids are growing so beautifully. You would be proud my beautiful boy. I see them almost every weekend now the girls on one weekend and the boys on another. As you can see the addition of 3. They are happy hun and as you can see I am…


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my son

I found this in a paper that they do about mock trial here in our area. His teacher, his friend mentioned him. I did not know it was done. But even  if I did I was still numb so a lot of things people say I did not fully relate.  So please indulge me in letting me  post this about my son Tyler passed away March 1 of this year

His teacher said…


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Hope for those who have died!

What wonderful promises God's word holds out for our dear loved ones who have passed away.


24:15) and I have hope toward God, which hope these [men] themselves also entertain, that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.


5:28, 29) Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in…


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Every Smile.

Every smile, my daughter smile's I believe she looking at you. Your warmth make's her feel safe. She can look into your eye's for guidance. I know when she's sleeping so peaceful your playing with her in her dreams. She will always feel your presence as she grows. She will forever know her Guardian Angels. Chris & Josh. 

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Last Tear



Sometimes it’s hard to cry out that last tear and sometimes you never will!


It has been a while since I last put finger to keyboard and even longer since I have felt quite so vulnerable.   For some of you this will be hard to read although you can always stop, turn away and forget about it.   As for me, it will be even harder to write.   Some demons…


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Ten Tips on How To Make New Friends After Loss



I often hear from those that have…


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12:45 p.m.  Adult Children of Alcoholics meets tonight at 5:45 p.m.  I am just waiting to go there.  Ugh!  I feel so sick about the recent death of my brother.  I went to church yesterday and it was a great Bible study, very complex.  My life is good, stress-free and orderly.  That is because I have worked so hard for the last ten years to create the "new normal" after I had to leave my cruel family.  The only threat that faces me is if I reconnect to my family now that my brother has died. …


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I had rescued myself from my cruel and evil family with a great deal of help from professionals and fellow sufferers.  For five years I had nightmares of returning to the abusive situation.  The nightmares had my brother beckoning me with my sister sneering in the background.  In these dreams I was always offered a place to stay, under a leaky faucet or in a tiny dirty room away from the group of fornicators.  When I first learned of my brother's death I incorrectly assumed that he was with…


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Shedding light on breast cancer

Here at Legacy.com, the many men and women who die of breast cancer each year are always remembered. Whether it's through the hundreds of obituaries we publish every month for people who died from breast cancer, or from our own memories of family members and friends who fought the disease, there's no doubt that breast cancer awareness is an integral part of our work.

Today, as Breast Cancer…


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