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dead inside

Dearest Chris,

I miss u. I can hardly breath. I hate living and I want to stay here for the kids and grandkids. I just wish I could start feeling again something other than sadness. I was driving down the road and a funeral drove past. I sat in the car and cried for each car that passed. I was heartbroken for them. I know what kind of loss it is. I really don't think I will ever be or do I want to be the same. I just want my boy back. Never in my life would I ever thought I would have…


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My Daughter, My Life

I read last night that you have to learn to say Goodbye. It sadden me deeply, caused insane panic. I don't want to say goodbye. She was my life. I see her everywhere, I keep waiting to feel her spirit. I want to hold her in my arms. I think of the loss, no grandchildren. Evertything we did, it was done with the belief that she would be here, after we were gone.

On mother's day she was feeling not well. She was trying to make my breakfast; she made the best pancakes and her own…


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its been almost nine months

daniel was my husband , my best friend and these last nine months havebeen a nightmare ive cryed so much not thinking anyone understands i somtimes think im losing my mind then pai is so hard at times but i keep telling myself i have to put my life together again so if you cry your not alone this is very painful but we must go on be strong lean on each other together we can make it the hoildays are hard his birthday is on the 27 of nov he would be 50 i miss him so much

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Lost my Sister Oct 21

I lost my sister two weeks ago to suicide. When it first happened, I struggled with who to tell what. My work people are very kind and caring, but then there are headquarter's employees in San Antonio that would also find out. Some people know me and some don't. So I thought, "better not say how she died. Texas co-workers don't need to know."

Listening to your video, I realize that I need to just say it and move on. I can't think of any reason not to now that you explained it to me. And as… Continue

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My brother Joey passed Dec 20th 2003 he hung himself in my mom & dads backyard, We were so close best friends. We played in that tree every day as little kids we loved that tree, He left no note I wish he would of left a note, My mom found him and had to cut him down. I lost my brother at 21 and my mother she is alive but only living to die. Then my sister Chrissy OD last year June 2 2009 we were also very close. At times I am fine then I have days or weekends when I cant stop crying I…


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Embrace Your Grief to Release It

I believe in order to truly work through your grief, you must first EMBRACE it wholeheartedly. Live it; breathe it; examine it; and steep yourself in it. And as you sit mired in the muck of how you may see your life right now, YOU can decide how to pull yourself up and out of it.

When you think of the word embrace, the picture that might come to mind is a pleasant one...perhaps, two loved ones with their arms clasped around one another. Let's look at how Webster…


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Tomorrow, November 6, 2010, Joel will be gone six months and I am feeling depressed again. It has been awhile since I have been on here. I have been trying my best to get on with my life. I plan on signing up for a course in creative writing at the local college. I painted all the way through the apartment with the help of my son. I have also full filled all of my husbands requests before he passed away. His clothes have all gone to the local Good Will, all the files in the filing cabinet have… Continue

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ANGEL AMY 5/15/87-9/18/08

Well, its November already. I am still not ready to celebrate holidays. It's been over 2yrs, and each night I say, "good night Amy" and then I shed a tear. I want to move on as they say, but I can't. Or maybe I just don't want to. Every day, I go over all the pics we have of you from albums when you were a baby up until graduation 2008 from Dental hygiene college. I want to put them all on a cd or…


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2 months

I have been dreading today.. It marks 2 months that my daddy has been gone.

Amazingly I wasn't crying today, I was remembering all of our silly sayings and it made me smile.

My dad would always tell us.. " do you remember when you was big and I was little ?" ( we never got that one, but it would make us laugh ) , or for no reason he would just yell " hotdog !" ( we always thought he was hungry )

or " your a fast little motor scooter !" , " I remember when I was a pebble " (… Continue

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Celebrating a Sweet Memory

Happy Birthday with Hershey Bars

On my dad’s October 8th birthday each year, I buy 100 Hershey bars and just hand them out randomly to whomever crosses my path that day. The first one always goes to the sales clerk wherever I happen to buy them, and then I move on: the post office, a department store, gas station, the restaurant where I buy lunch, the pharmacy while filling…


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Another month is passing

Dearest Chris,

How I miss u. How I miss your voice. People tell me I need to get your things out of the house and start over but I can't do it. I know the dr says I am stuck in grief but you I finally figured out if it gives me peace of mind to hope and wait for u to come home so be it. I am and have tired so hard to get rid of your things but they are yours. I let your brother and sister pick out anything they wanted and the rest I put in boxes and stored in the attic. They keep u…


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I understand and care

My message for Valerie Moor and others in our daily voyage: It is awful to loose one of our children. Needles to say, our lives change forever and can not be restored to how it was previously. Grief sucks. Grief (if we allow it) can kill us or can lead to us killing ourselves.) However, and in my case, the grief journey without a Higher Power is almost impossible to get to a point where we can continue to live. I believe that it is a Higher Power that allows for us moms and for men to generate… Continue

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just this past week

okay.. I've gotten through the first couple of weeks.. If you can even call it that..

The past week has been REALLY hard. It dawned on me that the holidays are literally right around the corner.

I use to enjoy the thought of Thanksgiving , Christmas, and New Years.

Now ....I'm just scared.

I've been told "your so strong , I'm not sure I could be that strong "

I don't know if I'm that strong..I feel like I'm losing it.

It's the 1st and two days from now it will be 2… Continue

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Condolence Acknowledgements

Q. Is it appropriate to send acknowledgments to everyone who attends a funeral? Should mass cards be acknowledged? And how much time can you take to send acknowledgments?

My policy is to mail acknowledgments to those who sent flowers, food, etc. or made a contribution to a charity or institution in memory of the deceased. Mass cards fall into the latter category, since people usually do contribute something. I also send acknowledgments to someone who wrote a…


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