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Helping children in times of tragedy

Explaining a tragedy to children isn't easy. Younger children may not be aware of a natural disaster or other tragic event, but older children in the affected area and across the U.S. are likely to hear about it. If you have an older child, one old enough to surf the web or read the news, you may find yourself fielding questions about where and why and what if. Here are some resources from,…


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I joined this support group because my father recently passed away. I am the last survivor of my immediate family line. I have lost everyone including my husband over the last 10 years with my brother and father passing 6 months apart this year. I was born into a family of 5 and I find myself unexpectedly alone . I need to find a reason to carry on with this life. So am looking for support from others who are grieving.

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My one and only best friend my mama

Well I just found this website as I'm trying to find maybe other people going through the same thing I am and trying to figure out how to make this easier for me. I find myself trying to go through everyday life and find myself not doing very good.

So 2 weeks ago I couldn't get ahold of my mama all day so I got off work and went to her house as I started worrying about her. So I got there and knocked on the door rang the door bell and still nothing so I went around the house and looked in… Continue

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Peace from God

This scripture along with prayer has helped me tremendously during my many grieving periods.

(Philippians 4:6, 7) Do not be anxious over anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving let YOUR petitions be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God that excels all thought will guard YOUR hearts and YOUR mental powers by means of Christ Jesus.

I love the fact that God will guard our hearts and our mental powers, when…


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Letter to Liz dated December 10th, 2012 Part 2

Dear Liz,

Today has not been the best of days.  :(


I was up late last night...and then early this morning.  So then I was so tired when it was time to get ready to take the kids to school...I could barely get off the couch. 


I really needed to get ready for Christmas today...but I just wasn't up to it.

I sort of felt lost today.  I was online a lot.  I read some on my Kindle.  Unfortunately I didn't do much that was…


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Letter To Liz dated December 10th, 2012

Dear Liz,

Today it's been exactly 10 months since you died.  :(


On November 17th...we went to the ASPCA and then The Humane Society looking for a dog.  Katelyn found one at The Humane Society...a red nose chihuahua named "Buster".  Not quite what I expected...but a very sweet dog nonetheless.  Thank you for leading us to him.  He adds a little too much work to my day...but I still like having a dog that you helped us find. ♥


November 17th was also…


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Tim, A Christmas Hero

In November, 2010, my buddy Kenny posted a picture of a kitten on his Facebook page explaining how his daughter Samantha saved a kitten from some kid threatening to hurt it; Kenny’s cat didn’t take to the kitten being in her domain and she had to be kept at his sister-in-law’s home.  I wrote to Kenny, telling him that I would take the kitten in, provided that no one else had already.  Later that evening I, along with Gi,…


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My Mom--dedicated to my new friend Kathy

Kathy and I made a deal last night. We would both write about our moms. Here is my blog. I am going to force myself to sit here for about fifteen minutes and write....Part of loss, and part of the feeling of anger and sadness is that the person, in this case, is just gone. How can we honor them? How can we possibly share with others that a person that is a huge part of our everyday life is a "deceased" person? People get so funny about those who have moved on, passed away, succumbed, and the…


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First Christmas without my Brother

Monday its been 10 months since my brother passed away from Alcoholims. He had just turned 32.  The process of grief has been so hard and overwhelming. Ive always been emotional and spiritual.  Some days its feels like days ago that this happened.  I still drive by his old apt and just sit there staring in like i may find something. With xmas around the corner I am finding it so hard to want to even deal with this holiday. My last xmas i had to ask my brother to leve as he showed up…


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Losing a Child---Watching My Parents Bear it

I am not sure that this post will be helpful to anyone, or if it will just kind of be some words occurring to me this morning.


When I was 19, just a few months shy of 20, my brother was killed in a single car accident. He and his friend, Jay, were on there way home from having 2 AM breakfast...sigh, boys. They had spent the day on the river, partying, drinking beer, and --I am sure-- smoking pot. Yep. My brother and his friends....


At just past 2 AM, I sat up…


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Sometimes I wish I could rent one of those trucks and pack up all the pain and sorrow in my heart.  It would take several to do the job.  Grief is quite possibly the hardest and heaviest burden to bear. It is something that many of us feel we have to carry alone.  That is only partially true.  The path of grief is ours alone to walk, but we can have company from time to time so that the path isn't quite so lonely.  

There are people in our lives who want to help us heal, to…


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I am having such a rough time. I am finding myself crying constantly (though not at work, thank God). I believe that losing both my parents recently, and having some down time now to actually process things through has got me just feeling down in the dumps.....

My mom had COPD, and was struggling badly. Last year, she was constantly getting very ill, going into the hospital, was on oxygen. She was in very poor shape. I talked with her daily on the phone; she lived five hours…


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My only son and baby

Victor Orlando Woolson had only just turned 19 when he drowned in Lake Ontario in Oswego, NY.   He was a great, smart, funny, witty child.  He graduated High School with an Advanced Regents Diploma and was about to start his second year of college.  He lived at home. 


He was struggling to overcome a recent addiction to synthetics/bath salts (which were legal up until just before he died).  He found out that one store in our area was still selling them, purchased Avalanche in…


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Letter to Liz dated July 9th, 2012

Dear Liz,

I'm not doing too well right now.  :(

Learning to live without you seems to be getting harder...not easier.  I'm tired of the pain so I've been pushing the grief away more than feel it.  I still read all my grief groups...but I haven't been posting much at all.  And all of a sudden I stopped reading the library books on the subject. 
I've been depressed...and practically in despair.  I don't want to go anywhere....and I…

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Missing you by my side when so much is happening!

I don't even know where to much has changed since I last wrote here.  The hardest part is that My Bunzy isn't here to be a part of or share in the changes with us.

Well, one of the things I've accomplished is an Associate's Degree as a Medical Administrative Assistant.  I would have never gone to college if it weren't for losing Tom.  We were married right out of high school and Tom always took care of me.  I had been a stay at home mom and small daycare provider since we…


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Thank you sooo much for this web site...I came here to relate to other individuals who are going through what I'm going through...My mom has been gone for two months now and I'm really having a rough time...I am a christian and I know I'm supposed to lean on my faith...I've been doing that, but nothing seems to ease this undescribable pain in my heart...My mother was all I had outside of my siblings and children...she was a very big part of my life and now I feel like I'm lost, like I have…


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Dealing with the holidays without your loved one

We feel the painful loss of a loved one as we move through our daily routines. The holidays can make the pain even sharper as holidays are often laced with special traditions. Maybe your spouse hung the Christmas lights or your mom baked a special cake. It could be you used your parent’s Menorah or played a certain game every year since childhood. Whatever the holiday plans,…


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With his smile, he reminded us all what overcoming adversity is, and therefore we are all better individuals having known him. We will miss him.

Tom Lamb

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A Story About Liz's 39th Birthday

NOTE: Liz died just a few months after she turned 38. Her birthday is December 5th. Reading this story is one of the things I've figured out to do is to on my sister's first birthday in heaven.

FYI: When I mention her's the one she miscarried. And since I also had one miscarriage...and our other sister Pam has had two miscarriages...that makes the three nieces/nephews that I mention in the story.


Without further ado...LOL *smile* is the…


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