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Crystal Clear

 Grief. It is a constant companion,even after 2 years and 8 months without Adam.

Most days I am happy and able to recognize the beauty and specialness of the little things in my life, a sun filled day, a warm breeze, a butterfly crossing my path, the smile of a stranger, the purr of my cat, these bring joy and contentment. Then a wave of grief will emerge, sometimes just a small bubble of fear or anxiety, sometimes a huge outburst of tears and sobbing, it is totally…


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Y ou left us last fall, a year ago,
E veryday since then is a bad dream, you know.
A life cut short, no future to grow,
R ipped away leaving nothing to fill the jagged chasm below.
O nly memories, dreams and at times an open window.
N othing physical remains to show but,
E mpty hearts still wounded by a fatal blow.

LB 10/29/10

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Thinking of you


The name of your dead child
is a magic word.
Did you know?
At any given moment,
whether busy or still-
and think or say that name:
Something will happen.
And whatever that something is,
let it happen-
even if it be tears.
The name of your child
is a magic word
to heal your heart.

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untitled 03-07-10

Death is swift and unrelenting

now, hear the sounds of our lamenting,

The heartrending cries of despair unending.

You who took away my work of parenting

hold him tightly in your cloak, all encompassing.

Secure his path into forever dreaming,

quickly without hesitating.

Life continues here on earth mundanely numbed

by his sudden departing.


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To Adam with Love

The worst day of my family's life Oct 29,2009. I was at work and received a call from my 16 year old Ryan: "Mom you need to come home NOW there are police at the door, it's about Adam!!"

Adam had not come home the night before and was not answering his cell phone. This was not an immediate cause for concern:as an independent 19 yr old he had done this type of thing before and always spent the night at a friends house......

Somehow my motherly instincts had not registered… Continue

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