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Today marks 6 months

Today marks 6 months. 

I am going to commemorate it by eating the other half of a frozen pizza Tim had made himself from scratch, dough and sauce to boot.  I found it last week.  It'll probably taste like a mastodon chipped from the tundra of Siberia but throwing it out just doesn't seem right.  Too salty for the vegetable garden compost, certainly not something the dogs may have ("no means no"), so I'll eat it.  If I'm unpleasant to be around while I do…


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Here's to Tim and from us to you.

I went to an actual social function yesterday evening. 

I went alone.

It was weird. 

It was also liberating.  Maybe 'liberating' isn't the right word... 'defining' maybe? 

This was the first time I've done anything social since his open house non-memorial memorial party in March.  I haven't wanted to see anyone because the one person I want to see more than any other is gone, therefore I want nobody.  That's a dangerous logic. 

It was a garden party…


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Says it All

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