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1year 1month and 7days

okay.. it's been awhile since I've been on here.  I still can't believe it's already been a year and 37 days.. I feel like all I'm doing is watching life .. I do what everyone expects but thats not really living.  I can hear my dad asking me " what do you want mama ?"  and telling me not to worry about anyone else.  Baseball season is over... didn't really watch a lot of games during the season ( I had a hard time ) Football season is here... or as my daddy would say COWBOY…


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start a new job tomorrow

It's really weird that I start a new job tomorrow and my daddy is not here to tell me that everything will be fine. And that there is no reason to be nervous.  After my dad passed , all i could think about was how i needed to have a job. parts of me were scared because I didn't thnk I could handle my grief plus a new job. I know now that my daddy was  helping me and letting me know that my job would come when I was ready.  So i'm nervous but i know that i always have my daddy guiding…


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6 months today

Ok.. Its 6 months today that my daddy has been gone.. I'm half way through the first year and it still hurts. I try to keep busy, but there are days when I just want to yell and scream and cry.  My sister got married last month  and I felt happy for her and so sad that my dad wasn't there to dance and laugh with us. There were songs that i normally would have got up to dance with my daddy , but instead i either just sat down or just even danced with my sister.

Baseball season is here…


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I'm pretty sure it was a dream...

Ok .. I went to sleep late last nite and I had been thinking about my dad for the past couple of days. One thing that we used to do was challenge each other in a game of bejeweled.See who got the highest score and we would tease each other about who was the master. =)

I hadn't played in awhile and i just recently started playing a lot more . So this morning I woke up in the early morning . It was still dark out,and I swore that I saw someone at the computer playing bejeweled. I…


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I finally got my dream

My younger sister had dreams of my dad but I still hadn't. I was starting to get upset but then I realized that the only reason why I hadn't dreamt of my dad was that I was not ready. Until this month, I had a rough time during the holidays . New Years was hard , but I was trying to be strong for my mom. I talked to her about how I think that my dad would want us to look forward to a new year of beginnings and that didn't mean that we couldn't miss him. 2 days later I dreamt of my dad. I was at… Continue

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so I got through the first one... but just barely

So this was the first Thanksgiving without my Daddy. I was so scared that I would lose it.

I just felt like I was walking around blind. I basically did what was expected

of me. To be cheerful and the go to girl. And I was for the days up to but the day that got to me

was my daddy' s birthday. The day after Thanksgiving was my daddy's birthday . We had a dinner , and wrote messages to my dad on balloons and let them go. I laughed a little because it seemed like I wrote a whole… Continue

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The Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner and I'm just NOT ready. Thanksgiving, my daddy's birthday, my birthday, Christmas, New Years .. I'm just NOT READY

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2 months

I have been dreading today.. It marks 2 months that my daddy has been gone.

Amazingly I wasn't crying today, I was remembering all of our silly sayings and it made me smile.

My dad would always tell us.. " do you remember when you was big and I was little ?" ( we never got that one, but it would make us laugh ) , or for no reason he would just yell " hotdog !" ( we always thought he was hungry )

or " your a fast little motor scooter !" , " I remember when I was a pebble " (… Continue

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just this past week

okay.. I've gotten through the first couple of weeks.. If you can even call it that..

The past week has been REALLY hard. It dawned on me that the holidays are literally right around the corner.

I use to enjoy the thought of Thanksgiving , Christmas, and New Years.

Now ....I'm just scared.

I've been told "your so strong , I'm not sure I could be that strong "

I don't know if I'm that strong..I feel like I'm losing it.

It's the 1st and two days from now it will be 2… Continue

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