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Enduring with Heartfelt Thoughts

As I read through this website... we find such comfort and warmth...I love the poems and artwork.. Some may not believe in a higher power....and some may not have faith but we have one thing in common ....We all have lost someone very close to us in death. Death is all of our enemies. Yes, a word spoken at the right time is so comforting..When we hear the words of consolation from our friends it helps us endure. It is such a danger to isolate ourselves. I see that ever clearer now...words of…


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In my town a young boy committed suicide. He was bullied. He told his bully, I can not take this any longer...I am going to kill myself. The bully said "Put up or shut up." The boy even told his bus driver, " You are not going to see me because I am going to end my life. The bus driver chuckled and said, " I will see you tomorrow.....Cases like this happen every day. One of my friends ended her life...a distant relative ended his....We can not ignore the signs. My heart is troubled about…


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I want to remember Happy Memories

It is hard for me to go to funerals because I don't like seeing the body...My mother says to me " If I  die I want my family to see me."

This is going to be so difficult for me but I will respect her wishes.

I want to be cremated. I do not want people looking at me. I want people to remember me as a I was.  One time I went to a funeral and some made the comment that they did not fix the person up right.... this is sad..... I prefer memorial services where they talk about the…


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Sudden Death

It seems to always happen....our dear friend died a few days ago and we did not know he was sick. I think about his family and his dear wife.... So much pain....I am looking forward to the promise when we can have real happiness - Revelation 21;3,4.

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Suicide & Depression

Many people feel that when people commit suicide God is going to punish them.... What many people do not realize is that Depression is a serious thing and I know God who is a loving God understands the pain and suffering that people are going through....We are weak ....we are frail...Our family members and friends are in God's memory and that is a promise John 5:28,29.

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