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The Sick Need A Doctor

Some well meaning friends may persuade us to take a certain supplement or herb. " This will help your illness." Taking this type of water will decrease your risk of dying.. ...... I had so many friends die for not going to the doctor and not listening to trained professionals. They think ,I can take this herb or vitamin and get better..... Not only is this dangerous physically but mentally. I have a close friend with paranoid schizophrenia. She believes herbs will cure her. I afraid I am…


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Holding Feelings In Causes More Harm

Many of us feel angry... Many of us feel guilt....I often say, if I only if I had did this or that... I read that if we are feeling this way, we should not bottle our feelings.. Speaking to close friends who will listen is helpful... Irrational feelings are common and we are going to have them...cry and let it out and talk it out . There is an ancient proverb that says a true friend is there at all times and even in bad times.- Proverbs 17:17

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Widow & Remarriage Yah or Nay?

Widows have the opportunity to remarry and the decision is totally personal....We often want to be critical of the one that wants to remarry, especially us children... We should be supportive and not look for our own interest. Widows need to be cheered up again and if this helps... I say let's support this decision- Philippians 2:4

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Why Did I Not see The Signs - When Someone You Know Completes Suicide

Many of us have had dear friends or family that have completed suicide. (Negative word "committed) So, I do not say committed. Its interesting to note that more females attempt suicide but male complete it more. Years ago a spiritual sister of mine completed suicide.... I did see the warning signs but you dont think to act....( being imperfect).  I hear of one boy that completed suicide and was the top of his class...Was there signs at home I do not know. I writing this to raise awareness.…


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