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Comfort Those With Anxiety

May we comfort those with anxiety & depression issues that have resulted from losing a love one....( 1Thess 5:11)...

1)Support & have empathy

2) Learn about it ( PTSD for example)

3) Continue to comfort our family and friends

We all have a fine line between actually experiencing this ourselves..

My heart goes out to those who continue to struggle with this

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Cry If You Need To

Some may say to men  " Don 't Cry" In some cultures, its considered unmanly to cry... Well, even Jesus cried ( John 11:33). He was the greatest man who ever lived! Crying is a normal part of grieving and we should cry if we need to do so. Holding this in is very harmful.

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Memorable Death

He suffered so much for much so we can have everlasting life. I watched a movie last night that reminded me of such. He was resurrected on the 3rd day. It was sad that people were so cruel but he knew it had to be done..(Matthew 28:1-15) 

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Soon Forgotten....

 Research shows that folks are very supportive in the days after the death of a love one but are soon forgotten after. Marking our calendars of the anniversary of their death may help us keep our friends and love ones in mind... That is when we need support the most.....(James 1:27)

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