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I found a good way to relieve stress is to vent to family and friends....Even this website allows you to vent your feelings..

Sometimes even the best of friends and family decide they want to tell you how and what you should do after the death of a loved one...I know they mean well but its seems like they do not listen ....More listening and less talking my dear family and friends    (James 1:19) Just venting.....

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Depression Can Bring About Our Worst Enemy

Everyday our enemy surrounds us. Our enemy effects each and one of us. Today, I found out their is another random shooting at a Fed Ex building in Atlanta.... A week ago a young boy with history of depression stabs a young girl because she said no to going to the prom. A dear friend of mine shot herself. My heart goes out to their families..Depression is a serious thing and if not check it can bring about our enemy...To all my dear friends do not take your depression lightly.. Seek help if…


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Netflix Movie

Today, I decided to watch "The Bible" on Netflix
It just emphasizes that Jesus is the  way the truth and life.   He resurrected Lazarus after being dead for four days.....It gives us hope.....still watching....

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Faith -Thought for the Day

 .....many of us have lost many that are close to us but I have drawn comfort from reading about our Lord Jesus.... he stated "Even though you die,....you will be made alive...if you have faith you will never die...(John 11:25,26)...

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The Document -"Will"

Enjoyed reading the blog," Should we write an ethical will?" Doing some research, I came across an biblical passage of 2 Kings 20:1. Wills have been done since Biblical times...So, both can be nothing but beneficial.

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Broken Heart

I have lost two very close to me that I know died of a broken heart. The spouse dies and a few days later the other spouse dies. I did some research and found that this can happen

*** g95 10/22 p. 31 Can You Die of a Broken Heart? ***

"Stephen M. Oppenheimer, a neurologist at Johns Hopkins University medical school in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A., believes he has identified a part of the brain that links the heart with the emotions. The insular cortex is a small part of the brain…


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Reading  the victims of murder page and my heart goes out to those who are  suffering . I pray that families stay strong. Things are definitely getting bad to worse. Who would think that a family friend would do such a thing. Justice will prevail- Romans 12:19

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