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Time and Unforseen Occurrence

Some of us may have lost friends or family members in the 911 terrorist  attacks. I lost13 members of my spiritual family... Some may have lost family or friends through some natural disaster like Katrina or the Tsunami in Japan.... ..."time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all ( Ecc 9:11) .......(sigh)

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Things to Help Us Cope


1) Talk about it- Don't we feel relieve when we talk to someone even if it's a close friend....

2) Write about it-  How wonderful is this website!

3) Pray- (Philippians 4:6,7) You will get a calmness (inner peace) like never before...

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Our Dear Friends...They Mean Well

  At times people say the strangest things:

" I know how you feel"

"You need to get over it"

"You can remarry"

"You can have another child"

And sometimes you feel like saying "be quiet!" You do not know how I feel. Just leave me alone! I was encouraged not to take things to heart ( Ecc. 7:21) because I realize that some people just do not know what to say... I realized that I should also not isolate myself (Proverbs 18:1). It could be dangerous.…


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Song "Life Without End At Last"

Can you see with your mind’s eye,

Peoples dwelling together?

Sorrow has passed. Peace at last!

Life without tears or pain.

Sing out with joy of heart!

You too can have a part.

Live for the day when you’ll say,

“Life without end, at last!”

 In those days old will grow young,

Flesh revived as in…


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Encouraging Thought

Now if we face trials, ......and if we are being comforted, it is for your comfort, which acts to help you to endure the same sufferings that we also suffer.
(2 Cor 1:6) Thanks everyone for your encouraging words!

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Warning Signs

Some  of us may have lost one of our love ones from suicide. Here are some warnings signs.

Withdrawal from family and friends/ sleep and eating patterns change/loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed/change  in mood/substance & alcohol abuse/ giving away possessions that are dear to them.........Research shows that 90 percent of suicides are do to mental illness (Ex 34:6)

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Dear Brothers or Sisters:

  If anyone have lost a sibling in death they may have experienced that people tend to focus more attention to the parents and forget that the siblings are grieving as well, I know they do not mean to, but it happens....Some siblings also have feelings of guilt ....there are many emotions. I was reading something encouraging and it reminded me to Keep a list of comforting thoughts and read them each day PSALMS 94:19

"When anxieties overwhelm me..you comforted and soothed…


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The Source of Our Suffering

 I was reading a scriptural thought today and once again I was reassured that bad things we suffer do not come from God. Many people say that God needed one more angel... God as plenty of angels! (even myriads)..... I do believe my love one is sleeping , in God's memory and will be awoke again someday.... God does not take our love ones away (James 1:13) Satan's the blame of our suffering..

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