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Blog: Coping through Song

My wounds are deep and slow to heal

My load is hard to bear

Despondent thoughts and disappointed hopes

have left me weak

O God of comfort ...care for me

Do raise me up and help me endure ,

When I'm in doubt  make my hope sure

From deep dispair I turn to you 

Jehovah my God my strength renew

Psalms 4:1 NWT

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Blog- Learning to Relax

Doing some reading about relaxation because I am so stressed right now and came across...  While breathing deeply, repeating a word or phrase that is calming to you, such as “relax,” “let it go,” or “take it easy.”●…


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Blog- VA Shootings

My heart goes out to the families and friends of the reporters that lost their lives. Its very sad that people have to harm people to get their point across. This does not solve anything and it makes matter worse. Then to find out the man comitted suicide after the shootings. We only can pray and push (pray untill something happens) that things will get better soon. I weep for the victims today NWT Romans 12:15

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Blog- Long Lasting Grief - Miscarriage

Long lasting grief will it ever end?

Will my mother ever smile again?

Mom I look at you and cant help but think

I am so sorry for your long lasting grief

I too lost some one

I too lost my sibling

24 years old that one would be

Long lasting grief

I can t let you over take us

NVT Psalms 55:22

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Personal Blog: Pain

As I do some reading today, I came across something interesting. We all experience pain due to the death of our close friends and family members... Some experience pain daily. On a positive note, we never know what encouragement we may get from day to day. All we can do is take one day at a time and not let that pain overtake us or cripple us. We can have hope that God will swallow up our pain forever NWT Isaiah 25: 8. This has strenghten me today......

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Today's Thoughts - Don't Wait Till It's Too Late To Say Good Things

As I read a post that talks about how we should make mends before its too late, I think about how I need to remember that our speech can pierce like a sword... Then I think is it really worth saying things that are hurtful... No its not! Make mends now before they are gone NWT Proverbs 16:24... I appreciated that reminder.

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Personal Blog: My therapy through song

Just see yourself, just see me too;

Just see us all in a world that is new.

Think how you’ll feel, how it will be,

To live in peace, to be truly free.

No evil one will then prevail;

Rule by our God cannot ever fail.

The time will have come for a new earthly start,

The song of our praises will pour out from our…


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My Grandma

As I sit here today, I think about my paternal grandma and how she died of a broken heart. My grandfather died of kidney issues. My grandma did not last long after that. She would not eat . She would not leave house. I was young when she died but some things you never forget. Now, I think about things I could have done different. Then, I think what will help me if my husband died. I think I would want a listener. I think I would want a shoulder to cry on. I think I would want people…


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Another Song singing Day.. It makes me feel good

Life everlasting is promised.

Man’s earthly home will endure.

‘Meek ones will thrive,’ said the psalmist.

This grand future is sure.


We can live forever.

It’s worth all endeavor.

God’s promise is faithful.

His Word will come…


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Life With Out Tears & Pain - One of My Old Time Favorites

Can you see, with your mind’s eye,

Peoples dwelling together?

Sorrow has passed. Peace at last!

Life without tears and pain.


2. Man and beast, living in peace,

Cause no harm to each other.

Food will be there. All will share…


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