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Use Your Gift To Encourage Others

Many feel like there is nothing they can do to encourage others especially when it comes to death. It is alot that we can do. One way is by reaching out to others by saying encouraging things like we continue to do on this webite.Yes, those with even the strongest faith get depressed and I know our loving father realizes that. That's why he has give us the gift of our tongue. Some of us carry heavy burdens daily.....but here on a daily basis we console one another with encouraging thoughts.…


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Caring for Parents

Parents may be aging and sometimes they get frustrated anxious and at times resentful. At times I want to get frustrated too. I should not get upset because this is a part of aging .We neeed to remember that "love" is patient and kind (1 Corinthians13:4). I also remember that senior care is something that needs to be planned in advance. Cooperation with family is essential. I want to love them and treat them with the honor they deserve.

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Strength in The Time of Distress

My mother just called and said two more people have died that we knew...so sad. We need the strength of God in this time of distress. We can not do this alone- NWT Psalms 46:1

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Blog- Speak up and Help Our Aging Friends & Family

So, I recently took one of my 75 year old friends to the doctor's office. She wanted me to come because she felt like she would not ask the right questions. When we got there she was given this I Pad to collect health history. This was very dificult for her , So, I ended up helping her with her health history. I am so glad I went with her.

Then, I read an interesting article about how a daughter ask about her father's blood test. They found two abnormal test. She was so glad she spoke…


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Age 6 - Lost Both of Parents

I was watching a link some one shared with me. It was about a six year old boy that lost both of his parents. He is now being raised by his aunt. He is so amazing. He said although he is sad he wants to give everyone little toys on the street to make them smile. The news report said that everyone on the street that is not smiling he give them this special toy. They either smile or cry and give a hug hug. This little boy finds his joy in giving. What a find example for us all. There is more…


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Anxiety Leads to Death

I was reading about a study that was done. It mentioned that anxiety leads to premature death. This is so true when I was younger my paternal grandfather died. After he died my grandmother did not get out of bed. She went to doctors and they said nothing was wrong with her.... She died of a broken heart five years later. This was the first time and only time I saw my father cry. My aunt just recently died unexpectedly and I know it was caused by anxiety......We can only pray for God to help…


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Personal Blog - It Hurts

I live for the day when we can say Life without end at last. So much stress... so much pain...so much grief...so much anguish...we feel on a daily basis.... I don't blame you for any thing God but some do....I  pray that we endure these troubling times and they are critical.... It hurts so bad.. It hurts so bad....death every where....who is next.....I pray when life without end at last.... paradise come quickly. I can not wait for all to experience peace and happiness again here on…


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Lost Another Family Member

Lost another family member this week. They took her off of dialysis a few weeks ago..... Our family has lost 2 people in the last month. So much pain and suffering we have gone through.... On the bright side we recognize that they are in God's memory and they look forward to the ressurrection hope- Acts 24:15 King James Version

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He Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge

  I met this someone today, He names is Kevin Hines . At the age of 19 in 2000, he tried to end his life by jumping off this bridge.

The sad thing is that he describes people seeing him crying and on the ledge and no one stopped him. Now he speaks about suicide prevention.

No one likes to talk about this but this is real. I am glad I am a mental aid first aider.  I lost a friend to suicide by gun shot wound to the head.  Now, I want to help prevent suicide.

I encourage…


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We all grieve differently... We all may face the same traumatic experiences but may deal with it differently.. I think of death. Some are afraid to let go of the intense grief, believing that it may indicate their love for the deceased one is diminishing. Letting go of the pain makes way for treasured memories that will remain with us. I want to remember good memories and I still am—Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4.

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School Shootings- Sign of Critical Times

I want to first of all say that my heart goes out to the families that have lost some one in the recent shooting. I can only imagine the pain that families feel when they lose their child in a place that they thought was safe. It probably only triggers ugly memories of past school shootings.

"A wide-ranging survey of 169 schools in Hamburg, Germany, tried to discover the causes of rising aggression at institutions of learning. Why are schools reporting extortion, intimidation, bodily…


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