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Long Suffering- Helps Me Balance My Distress

When we are distraught every little thing some one may do may get under our skin but the quality of long suffering helps.

Long suffering is needed to keep us on our Godly path

It let's our heart be tranquil

It finds the good in others

Always hoping for the best

It helps us keep balance

Even though we are distress......

(Galatians 5:22)

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17 Found Dead in Elderly Home - Pain In My Heart

While reading the news around the world, I came across an article about how people died in a fire in a elderly home. They found 17 bodies in the home....Oh my painful heart ! This could have been my loved one. My sympathy goes out to all the families that lost there loves in the fire. The elderly population is so vulnerable.... When I read things like this it teaches me to remain close to my family and friends because unexpected events befall us all - Ecc 9:11.

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The Car Accident: Going back in time to comfort a friend who is the cause of death

My mother and I ran into an ex coworker who stated she fell asleep at the wheel and killed her husband and child..... I was not sure what to say and my mother was lost for words. All my mother could say is I am so sorry.....Today, I think about her. Is she okay? Was she able to grieve ? Is she still grieving? I do not know because our familes did not keep in touch... If I could go back in time and tell her that soon God will take away our tears, pain and death, I would - Revelation…


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I was watching a preview of a spiritual movie that will be coming out next month. It is a about a man with a great job and good family. Then all of the sudden he loses his job and gets terminally ill. There is even death that hits his immediate family.

This can prove true in our lives...disaster can hit like a ton of bricks and it has...That's why we need Hope...Hope that things will get better. - Hebrews 11:1

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Being A Friend In Need

Last night I visited a widow who is still very much grieving over her husband's death. Although she talks about her husband every time I visit her, I listen. She cries .. I listen. The point is that we need to recognize the trauma that each of us go through and try to understand the effects of the trauma.....She did not want any advice. She wanted me to listen and that is what a true friend does -" A true friend loves at all times"- Proverbs 17:17

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Children and Funerals

When I was a child, I remember going to funerals and no one ever explaining to me what was going on. I saw a body in a casket and everyone crying...At times some would get a little more overboard with their crying...I think they felt guilty. I would stare at them with sadness.

I think it is so crucial that folks be open and honest with their children. Telling children God took the person paints the picture that God is cruel ( at least it did in my mind).Some may weigh the…


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I Just Don't Want To Talk

Sometimes we get so down that we just do not want to talk to anyone.. I feel like that sometimes.We should not judge. Just continue to show love and never stop the encouragement- John 13:34,35

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Coping After My Loss

***Keep a list of favorite Bible passages....(Psalms 94:19)

***Reach out to friends that have your best interest (Proverbs 17:17)

***Thinking about the day when I can see them again (John 5:28,29)

Pleasants Memories:

She was so happy

Good Mother and will do anything for her children

I wish I could have:

Talked to her more

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Coping With Grief

Talking, writing and crying is a helpful release....Shedding tears is a necessary part of the healing process...Jehovah will sustain us- Psalms 55:22...So painful

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To Death Do Us Part

Many of us have heard these words..." To death do us apart" Death  brings an end of marriage. Many children get mad if their parents want to remarry. The decision is personal and one should want their parent to be happy- 1 Corinthians 7:39

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Respecting Your Love One's Wishes

Very important that our sick love ones have someone that can act as an agent and advocate.One of my friends was too sick to talk and her mother acted as an advocate. It was a sad situation because her children wanted to do something opposite of my fiend's wishes. This is so sad. As children we need to respect our parents wishes dead or alive. If our love one wishes to be cremated ..respect their wishes. When you see them again one day, you can say I did every thing just so. It's not a bad…


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Giving flowers is an act of kindness. Flowers can make a sad occasion more pleasant. - 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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Prince Roger Nelson

You were a very talented person and you will be remembered. Your death took all of us by surprise. The age of 57 is very young.... I look forward to the time when there will be no more death or pain....- Revelation 21: 3, 4.. You will be in God's memory

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Comfort Those With Anxiety

May we comfort those with anxiety & depression issues that have resulted from losing a love one....( 1Thess 5:11)...

1)Support & have empathy

2) Learn about it ( PTSD for example)

3) Continue to comfort our family and friends

We all have a fine line between actually experiencing this ourselves..

My heart goes out to those who continue to struggle with this

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Cry If You Need To

Some may say to men  " Don 't Cry" In some cultures, its considered unmanly to cry... Well, even Jesus cried ( John 11:33). He was the greatest man who ever lived! Crying is a normal part of grieving and we should cry if we need to do so. Holding this in is very harmful.

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Memorable Death

He suffered so much for much so we can have everlasting life. I watched a movie last night that reminded me of such. He was resurrected on the 3rd day. It was sad that people were so cruel but he knew it had to be done..(Matthew 28:1-15) 

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Soon Forgotten....

 Research shows that folks are very supportive in the days after the death of a love one but are soon forgotten after. Marking our calendars of the anniversary of their death may help us keep our friends and love ones in mind... That is when we need support the most.....(James 1:27)

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The Sick Need A Doctor

Some well meaning friends may persuade us to take a certain supplement or herb. " This will help your illness." Taking this type of water will decrease your risk of dying.. ...... I had so many friends die for not going to the doctor and not listening to trained professionals. They think ,I can take this herb or vitamin and get better..... Not only is this dangerous physically but mentally. I have a close friend with paranoid schizophrenia. She believes herbs will cure her. I afraid I am…


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Holding Feelings In Causes More Harm

Many of us feel angry... Many of us feel guilt....I often say, if I only if I had did this or that... I read that if we are feeling this way, we should not bottle our feelings.. Speaking to close friends who will listen is helpful... Irrational feelings are common and we are going to have them...cry and let it out and talk it out . There is an ancient proverb that says a true friend is there at all times and even in bad times.- Proverbs 17:17

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Widow & Remarriage Yah or Nay?

Widows have the opportunity to remarry and the decision is totally personal....We often want to be critical of the one that wants to remarry, especially us children... We should be supportive and not look for our own interest. Widows need to be cheered up again and if this helps... I say let's support this decision- Philippians 2:4

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