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Why Did I Not see The Signs - When Someone You Know Completes Suicide

Many of us have had dear friends or family that have completed suicide. (Negative word "committed) So, I do not say committed. Its interesting to note that more females attempt suicide but male complete it more. Years ago a spiritual sister of mine completed suicide.... I did see the warning signs but you dont think to act....( being imperfect).  I hear of one boy that completed suicide and was the top of his class...Was there signs at home I do not know. I writing this to raise awareness.…


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Enduring with Heartfelt Thoughts

As I read through this website... we find such comfort and warmth...I love the poems and artwork.. Some may not believe in a higher power....and some may not have faith but we have one thing in common ....We all have lost someone very close to us in death. Death is all of our enemies. Yes, a word spoken at the right time is so comforting..When we hear the words of consolation from our friends it helps us endure. It is such a danger to isolate ourselves. I see that ever clearer now...words of…


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In my town a young boy committed suicide. He was bullied. He told his bully, I can not take this any longer...I am going to kill myself. The bully said "Put up or shut up." The boy even told his bus driver, " You are not going to see me because I am going to end my life. The bus driver chuckled and said, " I will see you tomorrow.....Cases like this happen every day. One of my friends ended her life...a distant relative ended his....We can not ignore the signs. My heart is troubled about…


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I want to remember Happy Memories

It is hard for me to go to funerals because I don't like seeing the body...My mother says to me " If I  die I want my family to see me."

This is going to be so difficult for me but I will respect her wishes.

I want to be cremated. I do not want people looking at me. I want people to remember me as a I was.  One time I went to a funeral and some made the comment that they did not fix the person up right.... this is sad..... I prefer memorial services where they talk about the…


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Sudden Death

It seems to always happen....our dear friend died a few days ago and we did not know he was sick. I think about his family and his dear wife.... So much pain....I am looking forward to the promise when we can have real happiness - Revelation 21;3,4.

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Suicide & Depression

Many people feel that when people commit suicide God is going to punish them.... What many people do not realize is that Depression is a serious thing and I know God who is a loving God understands the pain and suffering that people are going through....We are weak ....we are frail...Our family members and friends are in God's memory and that is a promise John 5:28,29.

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Put Those Phones & IPads Away When Visiting Grandma

Today, I came across a picture of a family visiting grandma. Everyone was on their cell phone and I phones. No one was paying attention to Grandma. Then it read put the phones away because you never know when they will be gone......

This is so true.... My grandparents are all dead now and I am glad I did not have any distractions while visiting them.

I think technology has become addicting and at times we need to self analyze ourselves because the most important people will be…


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Personal Blog:...Singing He Will Call

Today, I decided to sing and tape myself singing one of my favorite songs about death...

Life, like a mist, appears for just a day,

Then disappears tomorrow.

All that we are can quickly fade away,

Replaced with tears and sorrow.

If a man should die, can he live again?

Hear the promise God has made:…


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Mall Shooting In Charlotte- Christmas Eve

So again I turn on the TV and hear of another shooting. Many feared that it was an active shooter but the news made it clear that it was not. It turned out to be a verbal altercation between two different parties. An undercover policeman approached the young man with the gun. The young man ended up dead. So sad...This caused so much chaos...Panic attacks...asthma attacks...Lost children. People running out of the mall like this was the end.... This is very sad. Death does not stop because…


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Blog: Does Anybody Value Life Anymore? - Miss Universe Pageant

So today I turn on my computer and read about the Miss Universe Pageant and Steve Harvey announcing the wrong name. I know he did not mean to do this. ( I know he feels bad). This caused much chaos... One driver ran into a crowd of people on purpose and killed someone and injured 37 others. How sad... No one values life anymore. It has become an everyday occurrence...Bombings, school shootings, work place violence, parents killing kids and vice versa....Satan has got a grip on this…


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We Can Endure

So yesterday, someone brought up a picture of my late aunt and it brought back memories....I tried to remember the good times and it worked. I was reading today about how it's okay to cry and its nothing to be ashamed of. Even Jesus wept when his friend Lazarus died. They also suggested that we make a album of good memories and when we are feeling down, remember the good time you shared with your love one. Above all we need to pray that we endure these difficult times.

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Personal Song : He Will Make Us Strong

.....Never doubt he'll give the strenght you need

He won't forget the faith and love you've shown

He will not fail to care for all his own

With Jesus blood he brought you

to God you now belong

So He will make you firm

and he will make you strong

He'll guide you and protect you has he has all along

He will make you firm and he will make you strong


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Flowers- A wonderful gift

As I browse on this website, I see such beautiful pictures of flowers. Flowers can definitely make a sad occassion more pleasant.  Whether its flowers, card or even a small meal, generous acts goes a long way when someone is ill or even when someone dies....Thank God for his wonderful creation....(Acts 9:36-39). It is a pick me up....

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The Need to Focus on The Positive - Reflection

I was reading a Bible proverb this afternoon and it read " all the days of the afflicted are bad, but one with a cheerful heart has a continual feast....(Prov 15:15)....So as I meditate on this wise and perfect saying... It teachs me  not focus on the bad but focus on the positive...This may be doing things for people, engaging in volunteer work, being around positive upbuilding people, looking a God's creation such as the beautiful flowers posted on this site... or just reading the postive…


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Fear of Death at Big Parade

So, now I hear on the news that their is a terror alert because of the big parade down town... Now, things are hitting home. Things like this happen every day in other countries. Sadly, we turn the other cheek. Despite police and governments best efforts we still are going  to have death because of wickedness. Our schools are not even immuned any more. I pray for peace and security worldwide....and no man or woman can do this. Things are getting worst and I know it will get better…


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Baltimore Grief

So I learn today that the homicide rate has gone up at a alarming rate in Baltimore. My family lives near this city....My sympathy goes out to all the families that have recently loss a child, as son, a mother, a sister, a father, a brother in Baltimore. All part of Bible prophecy....God wipe this wickedness away soon. I know you will. I weep again today. May we comfort one another in this time of sadness.

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France & Kenya Deaths

My  heart goes out to those families in France & Kenya.The world is going from bad to worst. I pray for God to wipe out the wickedness very soon. I look forward to the time where meek shall inherit the earth and wickedness will gone forever. I weep today..

(Psalms 37:10,11)

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Use Your Gift To Encourage Others

Many feel like there is nothing they can do to encourage others especially when it comes to death. It is alot that we can do. One way is by reaching out to others by saying encouraging things like we continue to do on this webite.Yes, those with even the strongest faith get depressed and I know our loving father realizes that. That's why he has give us the gift of our tongue. Some of us carry heavy burdens daily.....but here on a daily basis we console one another with encouraging thoughts.…


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Caring for Parents

Parents may be aging and sometimes they get frustrated anxious and at times resentful. At times I want to get frustrated too. I should not get upset because this is a part of aging .We neeed to remember that "love" is patient and kind (1 Corinthians13:4). I also remember that senior care is something that needs to be planned in advance. Cooperation with family is essential. I want to love them and treat them with the honor they deserve.

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Strength in The Time of Distress

My mother just called and said two more people have died that we knew...so sad. We need the strength of God in this time of distress. We can not do this alone- NWT Psalms 46:1

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