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Personal Blog: My therapy through song

Just see yourself, just see me too;

Just see us all in a world that is new.

Think how you’ll feel, how it will be,

To live in peace, to be truly free.

No evil one will then prevail;

Rule by our God cannot ever fail.

The time will have come for a new earthly start,

The song of our praises will pour out from our…


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My Grandma

As I sit here today, I think about my paternal grandma and how she died of a broken heart. My grandfather died of kidney issues. My grandma did not last long after that. She would not eat . She would not leave house. I was young when she died but some things you never forget. Now, I think about things I could have done different. Then, I think what will help me if my husband died. I think I would want a listener. I think I would want a shoulder to cry on. I think I would want people…


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Another Song singing Day.. It makes me feel good

Life everlasting is promised.

Man’s earthly home will endure.

‘Meek ones will thrive,’ said the psalmist.

This grand future is sure.


We can live forever.

It’s worth all endeavor.

God’s promise is faithful.

His Word will come…


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Life With Out Tears & Pain - One of My Old Time Favorites

Can you see, with your mind’s eye,

Peoples dwelling together?

Sorrow has passed. Peace at last!

Life without tears and pain.


2. Man and beast, living in peace,

Cause no harm to each other.

Food will be there. All will share…


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Ways I Can Keep My Joy

So, I was doing some more reading today and identifed some ways to keep joy in my life despite hardships..... volunteering and doing things for others

I put the focus not on myself but others.  Sending cards or buying gifts for someone having a difficult time...We dont always have to wait to the holdays to give. Practice giving and that will help you maintian joy Good thought! NWT ACTS 20:35

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" I have a Black Dog Named Depression"

Some one shared this link on you tube with me and I found it very insightful. I agree all of us struggle with some sort of depression and many of us deal with it in different ways. Some good and some bad ways...As I read my scriptual text this morning, I am reminded that we need to support those that are weak ACTS 20:35... Practice giving ...&.Always remember that the God of tender mercies is there for us in this trialsome time. I needed that this morning.....

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Future Plans - Living Will & POA

So... an elderly friend of mine is wondering who she should select as her power of attorney... I know its not always easy because families cant get along and no one wants hurts feelings.... That's why families need to communicate now and figure out things like this...It's so much drama when our love ones die and the family is fighting NWT Prov 21:5

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 " God please give us the inner calmness that we need to deal with the anxieties of life ... free us from the uneasiness and unsettled minds" NWT Phil 4:6,7

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Care Giving - We may be next

Care giving causes mix emotions ..feelings of loss, shock and confusion...We need to share our thoughts with a trusted friend..Also pour out our feelings to God...he gives us that inner peace... Some of us have wrote our feelings on this site.

Trouble and sorrow is ahead...So I best prepare in advance

regarding their wishes NWT PS 90:10

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The Hatred That Leads to Death - Great Sadness

As a watch the television, I hear of great sadness in Charleston.

They say that a young white male shot up a black church..

As a watch television, I see methodist killing methodist and

christians killing christians

As a watch television, I see tribal wars in other nations.

Can we all just get along? I hate the racial tension among us

I cant wait to the time when every nation can serve together without killing each other -NVT Revelation 7:9

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Explaining Death to A Child

Researchers say that we should keep it simple and dont try to hide our grief. However, what about autistic children? Do they really grasp the concept of death? NVT 1 Cor 14 :9  I think about my sister daily....

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He Wept & I can too

I was reading the account about the ressurrection.

I came across the account about Lazarus and how Jesus wept

Luke 11:38-44...I weep today ....may God take away our anxieties

I hope everyone is taking one day at a time

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Suicide in South Korea

 I ran across an interesting article regarding suicide today.."More than a quarter of all suicides in South Korea were committed by people 65 years of age or older. Reasons: attitudes towards the care of elderly and economic factors. Less than half of people in Korea think that children should care for your parents- AWAKE MAY 2015

The same attitude may be evident here in the US...How sad !What about the principle honor your mother and father ?- Eph 6:2

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Encourage not Discourage

 Some of us get down when people say " I know how you feel"... We need a little more compassion (1 Peter 3:8) Instead say, I am happy to see you or its good to see you today....Also its best not to say are you doing okay..." Nope I am not okay!"... Oh well, we are all imperfect and we mean well.

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Military & Suicide

Went to a conference today and heard an interesting fact.... that a lot of soilders die by suicide
This is depressing ...I weep with those who weep today KJV--ROM 12:5

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Good Medicine

When I am feeling down and I need a pick me up, I watch a good comedy....a few minutes later I am Iaughing and I feel good again...

I love watching Back to The Future...It helps me everytime..

I wish we could go Back in time....to change the bad things that happen to us..

Laughter is good medicine for us when we get down- NWT Prov 17:22

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Personal Reflection: Depression Leave Me Alone

Leave me alone depression

Dont you see I am trying to get rid of you

Leave me alone depression

Dont you see I am trying to excercise

Dont you see I am trying to cope

Dont you see I am trying to eat properly

Dont you see I am with my friends

Leave me alone depression

 Come quickly the God of comfort and tender mercies

Can I throw my burdens on you ?

Yes....I will

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Anxieties - Death , Danger & Family

All of us suffer from anxiety. It may be good anxiety or bad anxiety.When we dwell on things that are true....rightous..chaste and lovable.... You get that peace of God....if our anxieties get so bad that it interferes with our personal life.,we may need to seek professional help and its definitely nothing wrong with that.  I know with some of us its a trust issue. However, I know we can find that right someone wecan talk to to help deal with our unwanted anxieties.

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I Can Help and You Can Too

 I too lost a friend in the crash over the French Alps. I hear that the pilot had some suicidal tendencies in the past....Many of our family and friends suffer from mental illness and unfortunately we may too.

I took this class called Mental Health First Aid and it was very beneficial to me because now I know how to respond if somene is undergoing a mental health crisis. Its similiar to First Aid but you deal with a mental health crisis. That can be just as traumatic.

We all…


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Reflection : Have Courage & Be Strong

Suffering all around me

...be courageous ..be strong

Death all around me

....be courageous..be strong

I am afraid and weak

...be courageous ...be strong

 I weep....I weep...

..be courageous and strong

Can I? Yes I can!

Joshua 1:9

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