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Timmy's 4th Birthday and Sesame Place

Timmy’s fourth birthday is a special memory.  He was an avid fan of Sesame Street, especially Elmo, the small red furry child monster Muppet on the show.  I had scheduled my summer vacation week off around his birthday so there wouldn’t be any interference by court appearances or work.  His mother and I decided to take him Sesame Place in Langhorne.  Sesame Place is a water…


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Timothy's Strength

 I wrote this September 12, 2001. I wrote to exorcise my demons and tribute those that sacrificed; hoping it would inspire solace all from the words of a little boy, my son Timothy.  His simple little boy wisdom was spoken from an old…


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Somewhere in Time -The Elderly Nieghbor and Her Trellises Door Cover

I’m sitting here on the sofa. Alone. Earlier tonight, my daughters were sitting on the neighbor’s step and I remembered when Timmy was about Alaina’s age, maybe four or five years old. There was a different neighbor living there at the time, an elderly woman that would sometimes give Timmy taffy or a chocolate. On the storm door at the time, she had a plastic trellises style cover over the screen. Timmy had sat on her step and she had come to the door and said she would be back with a treat.…


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May 17, 2010 Sometime after 4:10 PM Taking My Hand

I begged the nurse to take me to see him.  I begged and begged.  I was crying.


“Mister Connors, please.  They’re cleaning him up a bit for you to see him.”  The blonde nurse said.  She had tears streaming from her eyes.…


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May 17, 2011 Tuesday 4:10 PM

I’m sitting in the chair.  The doctor had just walked in, quietly shutting the door behind him. He was a young black doctor, light-medium complexioned.  For some reason, I thought he looked like Tiger Woods.  He had the grim look on his face.




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Reverse Psycology on God by a 14 Year-Old Boy

I was remembering taking Timmy to see Transformers-2 midnight show. We got to the theater too late and it was sold out. We made a mad dash to another theater and along the way Timmy kept saying "I hope it’s sold out."…


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Watching Televison and Tim's Compassion

When Tim was an infant, there were the few weekends or the days in mid-week that I was off from work.  Gigi would feed him and I would sometimes have him lie on my chest and burp him.  Sometimes he would just fall asleep and pop his head up at the slightest sound.  On the weekends, wither it was Saturday or Sunday, Tim would lie on my chest as I rubbed his back.  I would…


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Buying Tickets to see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

I'm watching Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith on SpikeTv. Only six years ago, I went to Neshaminty AMC at 9:00 AM to get tickets to take Timmy for the 6:00 PM show, which was the earliest that wasn't sold out.

His eyes lit up when we pulled up to the mall and I held up the tickets for his mother, him, and me after I teased him it might be tough to catch a show on opening night, May…


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Brief Memory with a Rear View Mirror. Still some where after 4:03 PM, May 17, 2011

Timmy was about 6 or 7 years old, we were sitting in my old Camry waiting for his mother to come out of a store. Timmy said to me, "Daddy, do you know who my hero is?"



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The Little Old Man, the Headstone, and my Future

On Saturday, during this Memorial Day Weekend, I was leaving Timmy's grave, and I seen this elderly man bent over a headstone a lot over. I stopped to see if he was okay. He stood up and explained that he was taking care of his wife's grave. He asked me why I was there and I told him. He started to cry and speak in Italian while blessing himself. He… Continue

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May 17, 2011, Still somewhere after 4:03 PM Getting Shadow

When my son Timothy was about 18 months old, his mother took him to Steffen’s Pet Shop to see the puppies. All Timmy wanted since learning how to crawl was a dog. His grand-mothers each had a dog. A few of his cousins had one. So Gi took him and put him in the puppy pen at the rear of the store. There a…


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Somewhere in Time after 4:03 PM May 17, 2011

I sit now in the kitchen on my laptop. But somehow I'm still in the chair in the family room wondering what happened, what is going on, is Timmy okay?  I started having images of when I looked into Timmy's eyes the day he was born, and promised that I would be the best father and dad I could humanly be.…


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The Begining - 4:03 PM, May 17, 2011

Just last Tuesday, May 17, 2011, at 4:03 PM, I was informed my whole world was about to change forever even though it had changed barely thirty minutes before.  I had just left the Police Academy to qualify for my firearm.  My son, Timmy, usually stayed after school at Archbishop Ryan hanging out with a small group of students and… Continue

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