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husband and wife

I answered  a blog from Jane p who was very upset when a group she joined told her that we are no longer husbands and wives when we pas.   I answered it but it concerns me that a lot of you might be upset by this.   I certainly was.   I receive a newsletter every Friday from Victor Zammitt who has ben researching the afterlife for 20 odd years.   Anyone can sign up for it and sometimes I read the blogs and sometimes they are saying things I don't want to hear and don't listen.   On this…


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Worry not Marsha.   I am older than you so you relax.


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I had to come on today as since the new year, I have turned around and am heading back down to how I was when my husband died in 2010.   New Years day was always special for us.   We entertained my family (sister, 2 nieces and husbands) and any stray friends who had nowewhere else to go.   My husband loved playing mine host and was always the life and sould of the party and just loved this day.   Since my family have abandoned me  since he died (of no further use to them) there would be no…


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losing family and friends

Since I first posted about my husbands death(it is now over 2 years since he died) I have been sent right back to the deepest grief because the only family I have, my sister (whom my husband and I took on holiday with us for over 16 years until his death, after her husband died) and my two nieces have deserted me and I am now losing many "friends" because I cannot come to terms with my husbands death.    We meant everything to each other and did everything together so where am I now supposed…


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Soul Mates

My husband collapsed and died 5th August 2010.   We were on holiday in a cottage in Yorkshire - no help.    The autopsy confirmed a catastrophic rupture of an aortic aneurysm - there were no warnings and he was in good health (we though).   They say he would have died instantly and even if they had had him in intensive care they could not have saved him.   He was, quite simply, my life and we were together 24 h/24.    I cannot get over it and just wish to be with him.    I pray there is an…


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