this isnt really easy for me to sit here and write about how im feeling right now about my dad passing on 2 weeks ago. all i can say is my heart is broken and torn into pieaces.
my dad was dignosed with cancer 2 years ago. when i found out that he had cancer i was
very upset and heartbroken at the same time i couldnt believe this is real.
i cry alot now and then cause i know how much my dad suffered from cancer.
even when we as my famliy had to put him into hospice that was very difficult for us all to deal with.
he came from the hospital straight to hospice cause his cancer doctor wanted to evalute him there for 3 days. but he never left hospice he just got worse and then i got the call i didnt want to hear.
see i was with my friend going to pick up my cat at the vet that day. her phone rainged and she told me that we need to get over to hospice right away something inside me told me that my dad had died or was near death at that moment. we showed up there and my older sister was crying and i knew already that my dad just died. i cant tell u how much my heart broke to see my dad dead in front of me it took its toll on me. then all of my famliy members showed up right after i did.
my dad was a great loving,caring,giving,understanding father and grandpa.
i just wish i would have been there when he took his last breath i feel so bad about that alot it eats at me constantly. but im glad my sister was there when he died. we had a wonderful funeral for my dad it was amazing to see all these people come pay there respects to my dad.
i truly know that my dad is in heaven and is happy and looking down on me and my famliy.
dad i miss u always and forever and ill keep your memory alive.

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Comment by amaryllis on April 5, 2009 at 7:52pm
to the other members who contact me yesterday i say thank you for contacting me
to have people around eases the pain in a certain way
Comment by amaryllis on April 5, 2009 at 7:51pm
Michelle, since yesterday i am trying to contact you and got that thing
you got the same trying to contact me and now adding a comment hope you get it. yes, be my friend. thank you so vey much
Comment by amaryllis on April 4, 2009 at 6:59pm
Michelle, i can understand so well your feelings on seeing your dad put into the hospice as i went through the same situation with my husband last year. now, on March 20 i lost my son to suicide, . i am devasted, so I understand your pain

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