Memories live on and love never dies.

The saying is true, you never know what you have until it is gone. She was beautiful, smart, loving, intelligent and would go out of her way to make me or anyone else feel special. After 6 years of dealing with me I guess she was fed up so we split. I thought about her everyday eversince wondering if I would ever run into her again to tell her how I truly felt about her or if she'll just pick up and call me to see how I'm doing or anything. After 2&1/2 years I finally got the courage to call her and leave a message but I got no response. For a couple of months I started having bad dreams about something happening to her so when I called it was to make sure everything was OK. She was on my mind heavy, I would drive home certain ways just hoping to see her some how someway, It just never happened. Finally Friday May 11, 2007 Ihad a dream and it was her holding me in her arms rocking me looking me in my eyes as she tried to comfort me to tell me she's an angel now and never coming back, she knows how much I care about her and she loves and cares about me. I cried like a little baby the whole time. She told me that I have to move on and that she would be OK, but I couldn't stop myself from crying. I woke up in my car, knowing I was dreaming I just shook it off as it was just a dream. Over the weekend I had a premonition I was at work on my lunch break and my friend called to tell me something and I told him I would call back after I was done eating, after I had called him back he told me she was killed, again I thought nothing of it. I hooked up with my friend on sunday and talked to him about her the whole day, how I have to see her or just get in touch with her to talk or something. Monday I'm at work going to lunch the phone rang and it was my friend and sure enough I told him I was eating I'll call him back later, Igo outside and calls him back and he starts asking questions about her last name mothers name and everything, I was hoping she did something good and was getting awarded for it, but everything happend just like in the dream. It turns out he already knew about the car accident because his mother was friends with the other victim in the car with her. She was going to New York with 2 other woman to see her friend graduate college and on the way up they crashed into an oncoming van, she and the other lady died instantly, the driver and people in the van survived. Turns out the other victim was her best friends mother(the one who was graduating) tragic all the way round. I still think about her everyday, she was my first true love and now shes an angel and I truly believe that. I wish I would've got in touch with her but I guess I did 2 lil 2 late. Trust me the weight gets too much too bare sometimes but I know she would not want me to give up so I don't, there are days when I break down and cry thinking about her and I just think about how special she was, she has to be cause after 2&1/2 years of not hearing or seeing from one another she still came to say good bye. Thats when I found out love conquers all. She always beat me to the punch, I love and miss you Tavara Lynee Parks with all my heart and soul can't wait to seeyou again someday Love your smitty baby

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Comment by Wendy Perivolotis on April 30, 2009 at 6:32pm
I'am very sorry about your lost, Your story really touched me deeply. My God be with you through these tough times.

God Bless


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