Finding Dimes-Are they from our loved ones?

I have had something strange that has been happening ever since I lost my husband almost a year ago I have been finding dimes. I have always found pennies and picked them up no big deal, they were always found on the ground. But these dimes that I keep finding are some times in strange places like on my pillow, on the railing of my fence, after making my bed I come back later and one is there on my side where I sleep, on the sofa and many other places. some times I find a few of them yesterday i found three. At first I thought no big deal I'm just lucky. In the back of my mind I'm starting to feel there is some thing more to this. That it's not just pure luck. Like maybe their is some sign i need to know or some kind of message that I should be understanding. I just don't know what. For now I'm just saving them in a dish. Until I figure this one out. If anyone has any comments on this I would love to hear them. Maybe I'm not alone on this one or maybe I am only time will tell. Warn wishes and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Comment by Tiffany Woody on October 19, 2015 at 4:50pm

Well it has now been seven years and the dimes are still coming to me so I thought I would write about again.

as for the whole "dimes from Heaven" thing...let me just share a bit of my story behind that. I'm a very sensible person and always try to come up with the practical reasons behind things. Throughout my life however, I have some experiences that I cannot explain...although I do try...I just chalk them up to "life's little mysteries."

In June 2008, my life changed dramatically when my husband passed away. He was not just my "husband" but my best friend...the one person who I could count on to be there when I needed talk to, laugh and cry with....we shared a home for 22 years together. Just the two of us and our pets no children. Of course, when he died, I tried to reach out to him to get some kind of "sign" that he was OK and that he was still there with me. At first, I didn’t think much of finding the dimes but it was happening to much to ignore. I would find dimes in strange and unusual places. At first it was just a dime on the seat of my car, or in the parking lot at work, Then on my bed after making it, on the railing of my fence, next to my pool chair at hotels, and on a log while walking next to the lake. Not a penny, or a quarter or a nickle...always a dime. Then one morning after an emotionally draining evening...I went out to my car and found 3 dimes on the ground by my car door. In numerology my number is a 3 I couldn't believe it! I picked them up and stuck them in my pocket. Throughout that day, I would touch them and think of my husband. That was about five years ago...I've never found that many dimes in one place since...but I do still today find them every now and then in random places. When I find a dime, I pick it up, look up the sky, and say "Thanks Greg I Love You!" I usually find them when I am down sad and emotional. I find them during the times I need Greg the most.  When the dime appears, it brings a smile to my face knowing in my heart he is still watches over me. I know he is "with me" and it is so comforting, especially when I am feeling alone.

Comment by Tiffany Woody on November 27, 2012 at 2:11pm

I would like to say thank you to everyone who left comments on this subject. It feels good to know this is happening to others.

I have noticed a pattern with these dimes. They only come to me when I'm sad or angry. Like I'm being told its ok I'm here with you and everything will be ok. When I'm happy and things are going good I don't find them.

Remember yesterday, but live for today!

Comment by Lisa Haywood on February 15, 2012 at 7:03pm

I lost my husband in 2010, 5 years to the date his sister had passed but since then me, my cusion and a friend have been finding dimes in places we go and it seems that whom ever we tell the story to they start finding them to.  We all have decided to collecting them and see how many we end up with after a while and they keep showing up.  My husband was a preacher and we seem to think there is some kind of meaning to this and we have researching this for a while now.  maybe one day we will all know what the meaning is to the each of us. 

Comment by cherryll white on July 25, 2010 at 3:11pm
So glad to have found this site. Thought I was going crazy. My dad died 6 years ago, shortly after my sister and I started finding dimes, in the strangest places. My mother recently passed away and shortly after we found two dimes together under our ping pong table. I started saving them and now have 99 dimes. My husband has started finding them too and he was a skeptic. Once we were standing waiting for an elevator when my sons girlfriend saw a dime fall out of thin air! We all froze wondering what just happened. So many times I have found them when struggling with my loss. Relieved to see others are confused too.
Comment by Tiffany Woody on March 28, 2010 at 5:48pm
Im sorry about your loss. I am so thankfull that a real person out their is having the same thing with the dimes as I am. I belive with all my heart it is our loved ones letting us know they are still there for us. Its their way of giveing us a little reason to smile and hope to help us carry on and be strong. I know it makes me happy and warms my heart every time I find a dime. It also confirms that they are ok too.
Comment by LuAnn on March 28, 2010 at 9:52am
I have been finding dimes in very strange places and repeatedly for a couple of years now. I lost my son in 2000 to suicide. A couple years ago I was reading about another mother who lost her young son to illness. She stated how she was finding dimes since his passing. I thought to myself how wonderful for her and how I would love it if my son would do that also or something similar to let me know he was around. After that I found dimes in the most unusual places and always when I was having a bad day or a difficult time. I could chalk it up to coincidence but one of the places I found a dime was in the shower! I too am saving them in a bottle. I have no idea what it all means. I did research it though and have found others who are experiencing the same thing. Google it and read for yourself what they say. are not alone.

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