I was told about this site from a good friend told me I didn't try it but I find myself at 10 to 5 in the morning with suicidal thoughts all over again I should say that my mom died of a accident jus before mothers day n she left me with me lil bro who is about 7yrs old n Im 25 raising my lil bro I lie to alot to peopel saying that Im fine but I guss Im really lieing to myself n its has become increasingly hard to keep it together infront of my lil bro I really wish someone would shoot me in the head or I was selfish enough to kill myself and not thinnk about the consiqencies for my lil bro n who would raise him if I wasn't there my lil bro knows there is something wrong with me I haven't slept in weeks I really feel as ifg Im on the edge of a bridge n wanna jump I try n tell peopel that me and my lil bro are adjusting fine but we aren't I mean we get along n he listen's to me but really we aren't doing fine we miss are mother deeply as sick as this my sound the thought has passed my mind to poision us both I wouldn't do that but its scary in the fact that the thought has passed through my mind any ways I;ll try n hang in there but I dunno anymore PEACE

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