This is a picture of my son Jordan. One week before he died, he went camping with his Dad and he built this fire. He took this picture himself. Beautiful, isn't he!

In the silence of you slumber,
theres a lowlit burning fuse.
Youre journey now is over,
and you've paid your final dues.
Your sun will now be setting,
from a view I cannot see.
A prism of crystel colors,
that plays a beautiful symponey.
You finaly have the option,
to soar on the eagles wing.
To fly from near the mountain tops
down to the nearest stream.
No more burdens of this life,
you'll not find them around.
You finally now are free
of the chains that held you down.
And I'll not hold to back,
being selfish with my tears.
By dwelling on your life,
that you had when you were here.
So with unconditioned love,
I send with thee my friend.
And holding memories dear,
until we meet again.

Written By Leslie Fiorda

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Comment by Leslie L. Fiorda on September 24, 2009 at 7:29am
Whitewater Bridge

The Begining of the end,

When you grieve and cannot cry.

And you search your soul with-in,

To find the words to say good-bye.

The hardest part of losing you,

Is, How to set you free.

Your prism, with-in my spirit,

That's still so much a part of me.

I "feel", I feel so much your real,

And though I cannot see,

Twas the begining of the end I feel,

Was the hardest part for me.

Written By Leslie L. Plyler Fiorda
Comment by Leslie L. Fiorda on August 4, 2009 at 3:56pm
A friend of mine wrote this for me, I thought I would share it.

We'll remember you in the colors of each sunset, in the comfort of our dreams, and in the memory of a song.
We'll remember you in the pages of a photo album filled with pitures of your life, in the joy of thinking back to a time not so long ago.
We'll remember you in the places where we spent time, and in the crazy moments we all shared, and the laughter will always ring in our hearts.
We'll remember you in the legacy of love you left for those who follow, and in the stories that were only yours to tell.
We'll remember you always in the afternoon when you departed, we wish you well on your journey, where i know we will meet again.
We'll remember you always and more then anything in your love that still lives in all of our hearts, with all our love your friends and family.
I will always think of you with a glad heart.

Written by Gabriel Decorah

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