my mom almost committed suicide...she rented a car and was off to Chicago. she took all her medications with her. before she left her home town she booked a flight to Sin City. she said she knew she was going to sin. there was a lot going on in our family and she was going crazy. she said she couldnt handle all this stress so she was going to end it. i was about 13 years old when this was taking place. i knew deep in my heart that my mom wasnt going to die that night! i called her and called her. she finally answered. i remember everything. i was sitting at the head of the kitchen table at my grandmas house. i told them all to be quiet because this was our last chance. she wouldnt ever hang up on me because i was still her little baby girl. i told, we love you so much. even if aleisha (my sister) doesnt show it...deep down in her heart she really cares about you. she is here crying. dont ever let anyone put you down. mom, this is coming from your baby girl. dont leave us here alone. we have no one else. dad, is not around...grandma and papa cant take care of us. do you really want the best for your daughters? in the background i hear a girl saying "heres your flight." i screamed through the phone. mom, god is with you. god loves you. dont break my heart. dont think no one cares! dont think this is the end. dont think you have to go through with this. (while shes on the phone with me tryin to keep her on it as long as i could. the police were tracking her cell phone.) they called my sister and said, shes in chicago. we wont allow her on that plane! my sister raised her hand to me and told me its ok to hang up now. i trusted her so much. even though we didnt get along that well. she was still my sister and my mom was still my mom. the last thing my mom said to me on the phone was our song when we were babies..."adoo ba adoo ba doo ba doo ba day i love you. i love you.. she said, see you later." i said, later. i hung up. they found her and she ended up in a mental hospital. didnt take those pills and didnt end up on a plane to Sin City. she was safe. i saved her life.

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