my sons name is Joshua Keith Petrea. He was 17yrs old and was heniously and brutaly murdered. He was a Honor roll student, very active in our church and was attending college after hs, allready accepted by acodemic skills. He had a great and well thought out future ahead of him. He was loved by everyone that new him and would give his last dollar to a stranger. (in fact he did once)here is my story.

Joshua was on his way to longview with a friend to eat pizza and hang out. While they were at the resaraunt the boys caught a glimpse of a couple of girls there. the girls flirted back as most all kids their age do, before leaveing Joshua wrote his number on a napkin and slipped it to her. The boys left to come home. The girl started texting Josh and they set up a date for that night. (ONLY IT WASNT THE GIRL TEXTING,IT WAS HER BOYFRIEND) It was a set up, she was trying to make her bf jealous. Well, she did!
Joshua not knowing, believeing and trusting was his only fault. He came home cleaned up, got a hair cut, and later left to go pick her up for there date. We never saw him again. When he left the house, I never dreamed what he was wearing would be the last thing i ever saw him in. Or the last smell, or the last anything! When Joshua arrived at her house, she and her bf had gotten some other friends and they jumped him at gun point. They beat him so bad, kicking him in his face, his ribs, and if you can imagine;everywhere else. He couldnt get up. They robbed him and stripped his truck. And if that wasnt enough, they decieded to place a bienie over his face and stuffed him in the trunck of a car and drove out to a remote place in longview. he couldnt walk so they drug him in the woods where they preceided to stabb him (the couronor counted) 67+ times and slitt his throat in five different places. The corornor said the first few times would have killed him. This was clearly an act of satan! They left him there face down in the dirt. Went home and burned their clothes, ate, then went to bed. THEY WENT TO SLEEP!!
Joshua didnt come home that evening and he didnt call to check in as he always did, so his dad and his brother and i knew sometrhing was very wwrong. We went and put out a missing persons and it all begain!! The GREAT SADNESS! They found him the next day, they wouldnot let me see him. We didnt get to say goodbye. I wanted to hold him one more time. This cant be it! GOD what is happening? Joshua has been gone since MAY15 2005 (5-5-05) and i can tell you if i hadent had his younger brother to take care of, or if we hadent had the lord in our lives, i wouldnt not be here today! Sometimes i still want to go crazy inside. That was my baby! How can anyone be so heartless, cruel, so full of rage enough to kill another human being like that? They were all kids! They rueind their lives and ours. I dont know how many days and nights, we all sat togather and just cried. hanging on for dear life in disbelieve. NoNoNo hes comeing home! They are wrong! That wasnt Joshua!!! I didnt see him, It wasnt him!! My youngest son, Joshua brother; would scream out when he would try to getr some rest. So he stopped trying to rest. They were bst friends! well, i gotta stop for now but its far from over. I need to regroup. The hoidays are comeing up and Joshuas birthday, i think i just needed to talk. If your reading this, Thanks for listening. God Bless!

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