Tender Mercies; remembering both your smiles...

My beautiful grand- baby Megan' was diagnosed with neroblastoma, stage4 at 2 years old. I, whom my children look up to as i did my parents" as an invincible human being... When they said the word cancer; i was cut off at the knees. And, in thus' my family and i were drawn in to the world of suffering 'angels'... Our saying to her, was, fight maggie, fight! And, fight she did; as brave as any solider in the wars of today. All the precious children did... For 18mo. Megan fought until a lung disease unbeknown to any cancer facility was ravaging her right lung. There was nothing more they could do. My daughter, Megan's mommy' my 'beautiful Rebecca', brought her home after also finding out that three more tumors already had grown in her brain. Megan knew way before any of the Drs. or radiologist would admit that she would die soon. She was in my arms, said i die now nanie... I said, no baby! PLEASE FIGHT! And, she said, no nanie! I tired, i sick. My head hurt and my tummy and my heart. She got off my lap and pick up my bible' climbed into my arms and said read me bible nanie. Three days later she went into a coma" that the Dr. said could she could remain in for 3 to 6 mo. We begged
God' to take her soon for her body shook so violently, even in the deep coma she was in. He was merciful... She went to her 'Lord and Savior with-in 3 days. It was too much for her mommy to bare, for she also passed away less than a year later... I heard my heart break and my lungs felt as if a ton of weight layed upon them. This year, has been less painful as we celebrated their birthdays with cake and happy music, pictures of them smiling and laughing. I thanked
God' for the blessing of the relief of pain. A few weeks past, and without any emotional warning' the tears poured like it knew it's way to it's own river... And, the heartache swelled my heart so. My pops preceded them in death 6mo. before our Angel Megan passed away. He said he was going to ask God" to take him first, praying that Megan, would live longer.... I believe with all my heart, that, we will' be all together again... IN HEAVEN.; for Megan said that she was taken to heaven in her dreams; and, she said she saw Jesus. And that he told her' not to be afraid, for she would be happy again. And then, she said, nanie' heaven is so beautiful... And Jesus showed me poppy. Yes, nanie! And Jesus gave him back his leg. My dad had lost his leg because of his diabetes. Who was i to question this beautiful grand-baby of mine whom had taught me more about humility,love,perseverance,forgiveness,faith uncompromising compassion, and so much more... Her story came out in the front page of the news paper and she was the poster-child for her kind of cancer; and, for all the work my daughter researched with her sister after much encouraging from the director of the Ronald-McDonald house in Los Angeles, Ca. As to what might have caused the kind of cancer MEGAN had. Bits of her story also started to circulate around our country, and, soon our family and friends started to see her story on the child's meal when we all started to order food from McDonald's. Our Angel Megan did not die in vain... She left so much study of her illnesses, so much love to all who were so honored to have loved and be loved back by her.

Megan's Nannie

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