Im lost and I just dont know what to do. I have been apart of Jimmies family since I was 14 years old. So all his sisters kids know me as their aunt and I loved them as my own. We have always done all holidays together but this year is different. Everyone blames me for his death since he took his own life, I guess they just need someone to blame. His sister isnt talking to me. I sent her a letter and she put return to sender and mailed it back from what Jimmies mom says. Now I havent received it yet so who knows. I wrote her to tell her that I feel her pain but she should put herself in my shoes and reverse the whole thing and think about how she would feel. I tried being as nice as I could because I do care but after her avoiding me and not talking to me for 4 months Im so hurt that I dont want to talk to her. But I love her kids and those are my daughters cousins and they need to be apart of eachothers lives. I took a trip to his moms with the kids last week, it was planned and when his sister got the letter she then said the kids couldnt come over. She was made because I mailed a letter to her father and in that letter I told him about the same as I told his sister. Except his Dad is going aound saying all these horrible things and that my youngest isnt Jimmies and so on, Im so hurt... Needless to say, I have bought all her kids (3) gifts and everyone I have asked has told me something else. My mom says that I need to and that I need to show them its not me pushing them away because they need to know that I still care, my best friend since 2nd grade said no that I dont need to send them anything, my other friends since 5th grade has said just beware they may get returned and someone else said to have Grandma give them to the kids as a gift from her. But then whats the point of sending them. Im really stumped, I dont know what to do. My daughter is aware that her aunt is being this way. Its just not my place to say your never going to see my kids again and then my kids hate me when they get older.. But his sister has decided that for us all. Any advise anyone can give on this.. what do i do? What would you do? Im I trying to hard to keep his family a part of mine when I know they want nothing to do with me but his Mom and his aunt in Texas. Please someone help.

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