i must say that im surely woundering all nite the other nitewhere is mommie in my mind but really not seeing her presant is truly what is killing me on the inside i can look at her picture but i cant hug her this the begging of the rest of my life without my mommie it hurts so bad i cry inside and out people just dont understand how hard it is for me to deal with the loss of my mommie people sit around and laught at eachother in my mind i say where is mommie is she coming to dinner i half to think and then it hits me mommie is gone crystal she is in gods hands now and then i just cry i will be in prayer with my mommie everyday i pray that god has her now i have no one to talk about my feeling so this is what i do just type it all down there is more but i drained now so show your love always give a hug to someone it doesnt matter who it is just hug them

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