Hello everyone. I have just now discovered this site. I lost my grandson, Kyle Gavin, on 7/1/08. Kyle was only 12-1/2 yrs old and his death was totally unexpected. Kyle was a very healthy, happy,smart,popular and athletic kid, who had just a week prior had pitched in his all star game and attended basketball camp at Clark University, Worcester, MA.
We had just spent the July 4th holiday with Kyle and the rest of our family. On July 10th, Kyle got up out of bed and went right to the floor. He was rushed to the hospital only to undergo emergency brain surgery at 5:30 that same day. Once out of surgery at around 10:30 pm that night, we were told that half of the white matter in his brain had to be removed and that his brain would not function normally again. We were told that if he survived one week, then his chance at surviving would be good, but he would not be the same boy he was 24 hrs earlier. Kyle passed 5 days later on 7/15/08 around 6:30 pm. He put up a good fight, but lost the battle. Kyle had been hit by a very rare virus called Acute Necrotizing Hemorrhagic Leukoencephalitis, which had less than 100 cases since 1941. It was not genetic or caused by any type of animal or insect bites. It is a very harsh virus which just travels very quickly to the brain and ravages the white matter in the brain. There are really no symptoms and very little research done on this virus.

I know it has been almost 18months, but I feel pain each and everyday. I have not been able to get past that pain. I cry for my darling grandson every day. I have 5 other grandchildren and try to enjoy them as much as I can. But the loss of Kyle, I just don't know how to handle. It is so very overwhelming to me.

Kyle was a basketball, football and baseball all star. He was chosen for a travel basketball league for which he was so proud, and we had spent the entire winter/spring of 2008, traveling all over new england, with our family, following his games. He was such a good player. It was so important to Kyle to always help out the younger players or those with a little less talent.

Kyle was a very sweet kid, big for his age, at 5'10 and 165# and only 12 yrs old. He had just graduated from Jacob Hiatt Grammar School, where he was known to everyone as the Gentle Giant, due to his always trying to help the younger kids. He was extremely popular with kids his own age as well as all the teachers at the school.

In April 0f 2009, some of Kyles former coaches and teachers and family members held a "Tribute to the Life of Kyle Gavin".
This was an overwhelming show of support from all the people who loved and knew Kyle. At only 12-1/2 yrs at the time of his death, the benefit tribute drew over 400 people.

Kyle's funeral was something else, also, with one of his uncles being a Worcester, MA police officer, a big portion of the police dept. came and blocked the streets while Kyle's procession went by from the funeral home to the cemetary, where the officers all parked their vehicles in a half circle all around the street and entrance and all stood at full salute as we drove by.

The priest, Father Rose, at Kyles funeral, our family pastor for over 16 yrs, stated - Kyle Gavin lived such a full life in his short 12-1/2 yrs - a life so full of goodness, helpfulness,caring and love- that alot of people take 80 yrs to claim the same.

I miss him so much - will love him til infinity - I am still so very proud of my awesome Kyle.

Thank you all for letting me put my feelings out here.

Bless you all who have lost children or anyone.

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Comment by Terry H. on January 19, 2010 at 1:55pm
What a wonderful but sad story - I am so glad you are able to see the benefit his life played for others and you as well - Sounds like his love was tremendous and the love the community has for him - I will keep you in my prayers -

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