It's amazing that I feel I have lost a huge part of me - Not just my father - but someone that truly knows me - and the feeling of I knew him - my father was a big part of my life - He died December of 2008 As far as I can remember - I was always told "you look just like your dad" - I was very proud of that - and still am - I am a female - but my dads ways - and the gestures are all the same -I shock myself at some of the things - that I do - that he use to do - My dad was an alcoholic - as far as I can remember as a lil gurl - he dranked "Calvert" - I was always with my dad - I always felt as though I was the one to protect him - Then in his 40's he quit drinking - he became productive, he became responsible - When he quit - I was amazed - He remarried and another daughter and moved on - he was always available though - and I made sure I was available also - What happened in my fathers life - It seems as though we are identical in everything - See I am a recovering addict - and I too in my 40's have stop using - I bring this all up - because today I am able to look at the good and the greatness my father has enriched my life - by watching so closly at his life - Today I miss him - Today I am grateful - He loved the ATL Braves, he loved his kids - even at a distance - Today I honor him - and as quite as it keep - my soul truly is sad -

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Comment by jen on February 1, 2010 at 11:27pm
it is a wonderful thing to have that connection of being like our Dads, isn't it? I have very similar mannerisms, and movements to my dad.....not always flattering for a girl, but now I cherish our one else was so much like him inside or out. it is wonderful that you can continue to honor your dad with your own recovery.....I'm sure he is so proud of you. take care, and thank you for your kind words. Jen
Comment by Tamarah1271 on January 22, 2010 at 8:50am
Hi Terry,

Thank you for your comment. It meant a lot.

Sorry about your Dad. I know how you feel when your soul is sad it's hard to imagine anything great. Somehow we manage. I am told I look like my Mom and it feels like the best compliment anyone can ever give me.

I pray that your road to recovery continues to be positive and successful and I hope that you continue to remember all the great memories of your Dad. Know that he is just as proud of you as you were of him. Always honor and remember him.

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