It"s been less then tow years scense my Teresa went to with the Lord and I have pretty much hidden in house I know thats not the best thing to do but I dont have any family and few friends.A trusted friend told me it"s well past time I got invole'd in a grief support group and truth be told I beleve it"s time as well.It"s not easy to admite to pepole I don"t know but I not had to deal the death of close family members becouse we were a military family where not close to very meney in our family.So I hope that this support will help me to find betters ways to deal with my grief and the loneliness Teresa and I where very close and not very out going so I have got to get over this hibernating. add.

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Comment by alan demetri on February 24, 2010 at 11:07pm
Hi Anita Simmons i want to thank you for your kind words and im so sorry for your loss your still so close to your loss yet you a great deal of understanding.I have been seeing christian theropest who has helped me alot.My wife had been seeing her and they had been close and i thank God for her.I am able to tell her thing i can't say to anyone elsa things that would sound cazy to pepole who havent lost a mate.All of things that have been going though my mind i beleve'd i was going crazy and all of kind words from friends and family seemed to mean nothhing they mean well but.I never realy picture'd life with out my Teresa ,after thrity years we where truly of one fleash as it says in Gods Word so in meany was iv been truely blessed.Teresa live'd in xtrem pain and in my heart i know God showed her great mercy by calling her home.There are truly meany stages to grief so take it slow and try not to let the lonelyness to have control off your life.Take every chance you get to be around those love and trust no matter what do not let your home become a jail becouse it's how lonelyness wins.Maybe some of the others know what im talking about i wish id known that a year and a half ago.Time slips past so fast so there is no need to hurry your healing that well happen in God timeing,there are good pepole who are out there who are welling to help you.If you well hear a little advise from someone who's made his share of mistakes find you a counseler who you know in your heart you can trust becouse it's realy nice to say how your realy feeling and know it can never be repeated there are something that family or friends never need to hear or know.Anyway some off the others my have better advise.GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU,ALAN D
Comment by Anita Simmons on February 22, 2010 at 9:49pm
Hello Alan, It's rare to find a man on this grief site. Very proud of you. My loss has only been 4 months and hibernating in the house is something I do too. On a rare occasion, maybe once a week, I go work out with a friend but other then that, it's work and back home. My whole life was my fiance`s life and when he died it all died with hi. His friends disappeared and beginning a new life is something I have no interest in doing. 2 yrs is a long time but not when it comes to grief. Maybe finding a physical group may help and you all can help one another get out, see a movies, cry, whatever is needed. At least you know when you mention Teresa a thousand times the other will be ok with it, understand, cause they have been talking about there loved one too. Im so sorry. This is an unbelievable pain that no one should have to go thru.

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