Yay me. If you don't count the fact that I didn't get out of bed until nearly noon so I wouldn't have to face the day, that is. I don't even remember what I did this morning. I took the dogs to the park around 1pm because they were exploding with energy and it was a way to get out of the house. The park was weird because I kept hearing myself say "we" when someone asked me about the dogs, and of course I was including Dan in talking about how we adopted them and how we named them and every time I heard myself say "we" a voice in my head said "I" but I didn't feel like having to explain that.

I cried on the way home from the dog park, because I would always call Dan to tell him I was on my way home and he would always ask how it went. Then I cried some more when I got home, becuase he would always come out to meet us when he heard the garage door open and would ask the dogs if they had a good time. For the first time, looking at his picture in the hall hurt so bad that I considered taking the picture down... I'm still undecided on that. But then, I still haven't been into the den to work on my computer in nearly two weeks, since that way I don't have to look at the empty chair next to me at his desk.

My big project for the day was laundry. I washed the sheets from the back bedroom and boxed them up for Goodwill, and all I could think about while I was folding them was how we had done laundry the day before he died, how we had made the bed in the back bedroom with those same sheets, how I would always call him and say "Hon, can I borrow you for a minute?" when I needed help folding the sheets for the king bed.

I probably shouldn't have tried blogging tonight. The dryer is going off, letting me know it's time to take the last of his t-shirts out because they're dry and ready for me to fold for him.

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