Has anyone lost a child due to medical errors??

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Comment by DH on January 10, 2013 at 10:14pm

I lost my only child due to medical negligence. Same problem of doctors not listening to us. My healthy 18 year old son died after two days of them ignoring his underlying condition which was critical and emergent. The year before he survived the condition and was treated properly at different hospital. We had no idea that he never had a chance at the hospital we chose this time around. After all, they claimed to be the "Best In The Nation." They misdiagnosed my son and gave him a treatment plan that killed him. We told them what it was and they dismissed our request for a consult with the specialist and specific medical procedure that fixed him last year by repeatedly saying they're in touch with them. My son's heart stopped in the early morning hours right before my eyes while the nurse was pushing contrast through an NG tube in to his stomach for yet another CT scan. They revived him twice... I was told about four times.. but he had coded for too long and was in a vegetative state for 40 days. They asked me to agree to terminate his care just about every week from the first time he coded. I wanted to give him a chance to wake up and I really didn't want to believe he was dead (which is how they were treating him) or dying either. Then I watched my son die a 2nd time Dec 7th, 2012. I held his hand and told him to hold on because it was a rough passing, not peaceful. When he took his final breath I could feel the weight of his soul all over my body... trying to hold on to me. It was formless but strong like the strongest hug he has ever given me. My baby was holding on to me for sure. I had to hold on to the bed rail just to keep standing. The ER doc came by a day or so before my son's final passing to say he was sorry. He talked for 2+ hours and had the nerve to confidently state he asked other doctors what they would have done and they said they would have sent my son home. I couldn't believe my baby didn't have a chance in a hospital in American in 2012. He received 3rd world care. My son was a freshman in college, pre-med and always wanted to be a doctor himself. I am devastated. I am in persistent sorrow, shock and disbelief at what happened to my baby. He was 18 years old, but he'll always be my baby. 

Comment by Nancy Hawkins on March 26, 2010 at 12:07pm
Yes!!! I fully believe that my twins early delivery could have been stopped had the hospital believed I was in labor! I went to a local hospital first who knew I was in labor and were trying desperatly to stop the contractions but didn't have the equipment and supplies. I was transferred to a well-renowned hospital and when I got there the first thing the Dr. said to me was I wasn't in labor, it's a kidney stone! She also said I wasn't getting anymore pain meds. This was around 12pm. The pain was unbearable and they sent my family home (a 45min. drive away). I called for a nurse who said she couldn't do anything. They came in and unhooked my IV from the other hospital. I wasn't on any machines to monitor my twins or anything. I had to get up and go to the bathroom myself. At about 9pm I was screaming and the nurse came in and told me to be quite. At 9:45pm I delivered Dylan in that hospital bed, I called the nurse and said there was blood everywhere. I swear there were at least 12 nurses and a dr. in that room in under a minute. Bryan came shortly after. Dylan passed away 6 hours later. They told me he passed because of premature birth but when I got a lawyer who requesting the records, Dylan passed due to lack of oxygen!

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