Coping lost of brother, turning 27th in a few days and its only been 6 months

I lost my brother on Jan. 30, 2008, he was only 26 years old with two sons. He lived the last three months in the hosp., and he just keep saying that he didnt wanna die in there but he was going too. August 16th will be his 27th birthday and I dont know what to do. I cry all the time even know im crying, lot of nights i cry myself to sleep, I cry on my way some where I just cant stop crying! He was my best friend. We got so close I have two sister also but between me and him we were best buds. I want him to come home so bad I dont get it, Im only 22 years old and I havnt had to deal with death that much. My grandpa die in 06 but he lived far away so we were that close, i was upset but nothing like this. I was in the room when they had to take him off life support. I had so many thought going through my head then I couldnt saying I just was in shock. He had heart problem it wasnt a death from a car wreck or anything. He wasnt born with it either. He got sick when he was only 22 shortly after his first son(a month). He walked into that hospital, WALKED. I DONT GET HOW THIS HAPPENED. I JUST NEEDED HELP. I cant type about it any more. if anyone can help me or have any thought or words then please email me at [email][/email]

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