I lost my mother March 9th 2010 it was a shock as she was just at my house and I took her home.I have been having odd feelings that I dont understand and never felt before. I lost my dad 12-16-2007 and I lost two daughters as well 12-26-2000 and 5-30-2005 and this feeling is something so diffrent . I miss her so much so much I wanted to still tell her . I wish she was still here I still have my family that I made a brother that I dont talk to often or much but now both my parents are gone. I stay sick to my stomach alot since she has passed away and thoughts of things not being right and like I dont fit in no where any more and just so much more. is this all normal from losing your mother ? please help I have no one to talk to about this at all.
thanks so much and Happy Easter Everyone and God bless

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Comment by Kathy Mook on November 14, 2010 at 8:28am
Hi Rhonda, I can relate to what you are feeling. My parents had me later in life. My Mom passed 1st and though I really didn't have a good relationship with my Dad, I went to visit him alot and listen to his old stories over and over again. When he got bad, I went and stayed with him until he died. At that moment, I felt like I became an orphan. I still have family but there is something about them both being gone that made me feel so empty. I two, have lost 2 children. My infant son, Noah from SIDS (29yrs ago) and my oldest son, Jon died as results of a choking accident in June 09. They are my deposits in heaven. This group has helped me alot. I don't have the support from my family or even my church that I get here. I'm not in here a lot because I work a lot but I think of the parents and their children represented here often. I pray for all of you. When I became a member there were just over 40 members. It breaks my heart that in such a short time the group has over 700 members. In answer to your "normal" question, grief is different for us all. I believe our grief is different for each loss that we greive. There are similarities but different. I'll be praying for you. Hugs of Hope, Kathy Mook

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