I lost my sister two weeks back when a person driving a stolen pickup truck slammed into her bedroom, killing her instantly. She was a divorced mom in her mid forty’s & had 3 teen-age children. It has been hard to grieve her death because we were all so stunned by the death & all of the unresolved details that are left behind.
This event ahs flipped so many lives upside down it is hard to know where to even begin. It has been difficult for my wife & me because we live half way across the county from where the children are & are removed from the day to day issues that need to be resolved. I am hopeful that someday I will see how this fits into Gods plan but at this time I can just have faith that something good will come from such a violent ending to an innocent life.
I also start to feel guilty every time I start to get upset over this. My guilt comes from the fact that this type of thing happens to so many people every day, why did I feel this couldn’t / shouldn’t happen to my or anyone I Love? Are these type of feeling typical?
Anyway I just thought I would share my story & just ask for your thought & prayers for all that were involved.


This is a link to an article that the Baltimore sun wrote about my sister’s life.


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