hi my name is shannon my son was first dx back june 4 2002 at age of 3 half he had surgery chemo radation well it was all gone he been in reamission 4 7 half yrs he was doing so great his mri been so good he was get them every year well i notice his left arm was just like it hanging left foot was swollen and mouth seen like he had a stoke so went see cancer doctor on a wensday jan 14 2010 then set up mri the next day well we got very bad news that jonathans had two tumors that came back in his brain stem and one in his cerabella so he stayed over night at st chris hos in phila so we ask the brain doctor what he can do for my son he there is nothing could do because it was in the brain stem but hic cancer we try chemo 5 days week so me and husband thougt we said no because brain doctor said he gives him 3-6 months with him so we went with hospice he lasted 47 days i was so devasated to hear this bad news he was such great boy we could not tell him he was passing such to your own child he passed march 2"2110 so its been almost 2 months may 2 nd i still cant belive he is gone sorry for my spelling so if any would like to chat drop me email at mommyslilangels5@aol.com

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Comment by shannon on August 17, 2010 at 10:38pm
hi everyone i have not been on hear for a while well its been 5 months since my son has gone i just been very depressed alot its hard to lose your child i feel like life just dont go on without him well his birthday is coming up on aug 31 he will be 12 yrs old its gone be bad day for us knowing he not hear with us i miss him and love so much more then words can every say
Comment by Kathie G. on April 27, 2010 at 3:45pm
So sorry for your loss and fully understand the pain you are feeling. Lost my son Geoff to an accident in Oct. 2008 and am just starting to learn to live with my profound loss. I fully remember the first days and months, it is like your heart is removed from your body and it is a chore to get through the days. Now, some 18 months later, it is a bit less painful and somehow I have learned to enjoy some things in life again. Can now look at photos from his childhood, but it is still hard. Even though you have people who care about you, no-one truly understands a mother's loss like another bereaved mother. I can assure you it will get some better, but know that it is like a roller coaster... you will be going along okay, then something will trigger your grief all over again (for me it was travelling out of town, for some reason that always sets me off). Then it feels like someone has reached in and pulled out your heart all over again. The good news is, you will go on and feel better again. Take care and know others here have walked in your shoes and there are brighter days ahead.

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